Balance and Fraud!

Hello dier Blizzard i have few things to say:

  1. Terran is unbalanced race no need to explain why i think every one who played the game know why!

  2. Can you do something about cheaters in game. Multi billion company i think you have recourse to do it!

I am BIG fan on the game i know its dead but will be nice to have some patch to keep it a little bit a life how you think about that? For now this is the best RTS game why you destroy it?

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Terran has the advantage that they can take more care of themselves. Because no matter what you build it works. example: thor actually anti air… but also works well against ground units, Ghost is anti-cast works against all non T-units, etc…

Fraud, the founder of psychoanalysis? Did he play starcraft?

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Terran is fine, and maphacking is an unsolvable issue without reworking the engine, which would cost millions of dollars, months of time, and would probably screw up the game performance and unit responsiveness. Best they can do is update the anticheat engine every now and then when they get hold of a currently used version of a cheat - which, since there’s not that many people cheating to anyone’s knowledge, they won’t bother with. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What on earth is this nonsense? lol

lol what. There is literally a dude in masters that ties every game he loses. There are thousands of cheaters in sc2 and it is a huge problem. Its so big in fact many of the content creators of this game now have multiple “Finding Cheaters” videos on their channels. Always funny everyones spouting how little people cheat anytime someone brings up map hacking. Almost like you’re trying to downplay the problem because you know how bad it is/take advantage of the easy way to cheat and don’t want it taken from you.

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I agree with you there. I play Terran since 98, I play RTS games only and I used to be a top player in few of them and I can’t still do anything with Terran. They are so unbalanced, if they won’t receive any buffs I doubt that they will survive the winter.

Find an exploit in your own game with minimal knowledge of the engine while there’s a couple dozen to few hundred people who use private cheats, which are 95%+ maphacks that you can’t just patch away for more than a day anyway lmao