Back in masters

Today I successfully waded through the smurfs and the Protoss proxy gate whiners to get back into Master league. STOKED. Ok now I should get some work done XD GG

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Hats off for playing the game. A rare occurrence on the forum, others are GM on posts only. How frequent are the protoss cheeses and whats the meta - 2 base all in kill them if you can beat em?

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hey thanks, its been my game of choice for a long time, as you can see by my 20k + games.

the meta seems a bit all over the place in TvP. I’d argue that both Terran and Protoss have quite a few openers they can do, at least at this unoptimized MMR. With shield battery contains being a bit scary I have started going gas first against toss as opposed to the typical reaper expand you see on GSL. That way I can scout and decide if I want to expand or do a quick medivac or cyclone etc and it doesnt slow down the expo too much. I like to try to mind game as much as I can and hide my barracks on occasion.

From there I still usually end up with Bio/ghost/liberator, not a huge fan of mech against toss but I do try it sometimes. I think The important thing is to figure out if they’re doing any sort of heavy gateway comp and not attack too early if they are and try to stay ahead on expos.

2 base all in probably only works if you do some crazy comp they dont expect with scv pull or they took a really fast 3rd and teched up. Typically i find the 3 base timing is much better.


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Do you think the devs will come back to the game to change the name Masters? maybe to something less racist, like Starcraft Wizards or maybe Grand Wizards instead of Grand Masters?

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Now you finally understand.

It’s based off the Chess ranking system.

Double racist! I can’t believe the Olypmic committee hasn’t commented on this! I am going to write my congressman and demand that these archaic throwback terms to the plantation era south be removed. IMMEDIATELY.

what’s wrong with ‘Masters’ ? What’s racist about it? Does it imply a master of slaves? The games that use it are LoL and rocket league, others come with different terms.

By that logic people in the bdsm are racist too. The word master… heck cartoons are racist too… how dare the servants of the bad leaders call the villain boss ‘Master’.

Why do master to servants exist in games, movies and all? It implies slavery. Need to be banned immediately

I know it’s hard for you to get the meaning… but lemme explain. APE :monkey: refers to the :monkey: responses from PPP

If someone turns out to be from the African continent they incorrectly thought I mean to call them so because they are from there…

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Because starcraft doesn’t need racist terms in it. Blizzard supports BLM, they should therefore adhere to the dictates of CRT/Communism and get rid of such oppressive terminology.

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