Apple Silicon Native Version of StarCraft II

Hi! I’m an avid Blizzard fan and I just so happen to play my Blizzard games on Macs.

I happen to have one of the new Apple Silicon Macs with the M1. I’m wondering if there are plans for an Apple Silicon native (be it a Universal Binary or standalone) release of either StarCraft II or at least the Blizzard/ app launcher.

If the PowerPC to Intel transition is any indication of things to come, Apple will very likely deprecate Rosetta 2 (and, with it, the ability to run any Intel Mac binaries) eventually leaving our ability to run Blizzard games that are not WoW: Shadowlands in limbo.

Are there plans to update any other Blizzard Mac games/apps to support the new architecture, or was WoW: Shadowlands the only one? And if the former case, will StarCraft II be among them?

Thank you to any blues that reply!


i have the same question!

Thank you to any blues that reply!

There was no official announcement and I seriously doubt it at this point. It may be a bit of a too big undertaking for the one intern still working on StarCraft II.

I would not hold my breath, but I have the same concern. I really only play SC2 and HOTS still occasionally on my mac. I think they’ll probably run OK on Rosetta, but as you said, Apple will likely phase that out in a few years. And there’s no reason for me to buy a PC for those two games.