Apparently only Zerg and Protoss can have QoL changes?!

Zerg injects got super easy in LOTV, you can mass 6-8 queens+ and queue injects, which allows you to group them! While in HOTS Zerg would have 4 queens usually and than got slowly to 5 and 6th!!! Because of this Zerg can defend with less units. But because BCS now - this would have to be readjusted, but this makes other builds less good!

Point is you can forget to inject and than inject twice and you don’t need to remember to inject again, it will be automatic. This is huge! Also in late game you can inject for 5 minutes+ ahead…

Protoss has to cast chrono boost 50% times less often, because it cost twice as energy and it is better for upgrades and easier on multi-tasking.


  • if you MULE low mineral patch, you gonna break your mineral line!
  • if you MULE same patch multiple times you gonna break your mineral line!
  • if you don’t send MULES off, you gonna break your mineral line!

Because in LOTV, there is less minerals per patches and Terran expands slowest of all races! So besides MULE nerf, less minerals per patches are hurting Terran and making ling runbys stronger and suiciding banes. Because in LOTV only thing that matters is: how many workers you killed!

You don’t even fight opponents army anymore. You just suicide units into workers and even if you trade inefficiently, you are wining, because defenders bases dry out, but he will be stuck on less bases, while attacker can expand freely!

THERE WAS ONE PATCH WHICH PROMISED: that mules will attempt to spawn on closest patches! But it doesn’t work. Also closest patches don’t give you more minerals anymore! Mules were nerfed from 240-270 to only 225, which is huge deal!

Also Protoss has autohotkeying and autotransforming of gates and obs unaffected by f2, same with overseer! So protoss and zerg’s macro mechanic got easier in LOTV. While Terran got harder!!!

At least MULE should automatically attempt to spawn on patches with more minerals and go off mineral patch before dying, so it doesn’t break your mineral line. Even this would huge help to Terran!!!

Also Terran should be able to choose, which units takes priority in command cards. Sometimes you have to press 3 times unit group button, or even 5+ times to select bio. Your army literally melts, before you even stim! And sometimes units beneath air units are hidden and are hard to select!!!

Also new change, which allows easier selection of worker is huge deal. You send workers next to gas instead in, because you click on scv. Or you hotkey scv -building buildings! This should apply only for scvs building bunker, or not for Terran race, but only for other. This literally shows, that if other races having even slightest problem, Terran is instantly nerfed, but Terran can be trash and no one cares…


Terran gets actual buffs


I am not talking about buffs right now. Even Terran buffs didn’t really do anything. Mine buff: mine is still worse than it was. Thor buff: ruptors, lurkers… Liberator buff: still behind in economy and it is difficult to get in late game, not being behind 10 years… Ghost buff: just make more banes and snipe gets canceled and they all die, after sniping only once, or twice, which does nothing… And they are difficult to control…

QoL changes actually affect balance as well and makes races easier to play. Which allows them to spend apm else where to actions, which matters!!!

Easier, but nerfed, old larva mechanic was better, more potential larva which meant better remaxes, better defenses and better counteattacks.Many Z struggled after the change because the amount of larva wasn’t the same.


Terran is already easy to play so the only QOL you could add is have the game play itself.


Queuing injects is bad. It doesn’t provide any advantages and you’re still behind on larva if you queue them. The additional queens have nothing to do with injects, they’re there to spread creep and hold pushes because Zerg has no cost efficient early units that can hold pushes besides queens.

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Yes, Starcraft is difficult game. Lib range research moved to Fusion Core comes to mind for a recent QoL change for Terran.

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i’m sorry, but isn’t the recent widow mine buff also part quality of life change, seeing as you don’t have to research it anymore?


I don’t have an issue with Mules prefer mining high mineral patches, and adjust the duration so they don’t time out while carrying minerals assuming you spawn them on a mineral line and it was mining without interruption.

As for customizing command card priority, im sure most player would love that.

With that said, it’s quite amusing how hard you are reading these things as anti Terran.


According to all the pathetic Zerg whiners and literally no one else.

Do you ever get tired of telling yourself that you get free MMR because your race is harder?

QOL Terran changes

  1. The sensor tower. It used to not display on the minimap and now it does when you try to build it.
  2. Liberator/medivac research moved from starport tech lab to fusion core (pretty much a buff)

Terran has only gotten easier to play over time. You are just looking for whatever excuse you can to complain about anything Protoss and Zerg gets.

Muling is super easy. I have no idea why you are complaining. If you hit 200 energy, you can easily put down 4 mules and out-mine your opponent.

You are just looking for things to complain about at this point. 3/10 try harder to complain about things that actually matter.

Mine buff is a big pain, that’s a fact. Yes, disruptors and lurkers can do well against thors. I suppose in your eyes thors are really supposed to have 0 counters yeah? Liberators are excellent units. What do you want them to do, one shot hydras? I bet you’d love that yeah? I mean they already almost can do it. And wow. A counter to ghosts. Isn’t that amazing? It’s not like ghosts can snipe down multiple ultralisks and broodlords in 3 seconds right?

They reduced the amount of larva produced in every inject by 1, that’s pretty big.

He’s practically asking for right click auto unit production so Terrans can just stim a move all around the map without having to worry about production.

Yes, but he’s not ready to accept the truth.

All 3 races have their difficulties let’s be honest.


Such a bronze league statement. Nobody masses 6 queens to queue injects, you have to hit them on time or else you’re behind.

Terran has had stackable mules since day 1. Terran was the easy race from the very beginning.

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I like this crybabies. If Zerg forgot injects, nothing happens. If ,Me, the best of the bests, hardest race ever in our solar system, T.E.R.R.A.N forget 1! Mule… its GG boooojz, no way to come back

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Said the Platinum Zerg :slight_smile:

Shush now, you.

It is fruitless to post logic in these forums…

Simpletons just wanna win with dev favored race. I say, let them be and you in turn will be free.

OK, my heart is bleeding for this poor poor terran (with a funny name): How about removing the buffs and giving instead some QOL’s?
The entitled terran is what gives the Terran race a bad name, and PikaCu asks why people “hate” terrans…
PikaChu should read this thread.

There’s “evidence” of that. Go talk to, idk, EVERY pro and tell them what an idiot they are for thinking Terran is hard.

I’m not the MMR I should be. This means one of two things. Hell, I’d even argue it means BOTH things. It isn’t because I’m not good enough. Im so good at this game. I’m SC2’s gift from God honestly. So, either

The MMR system is busted

My opponent plays an easier race

Now, I’ll never ever play that easy race and see what it’s really like because it would be an insult to how skilled I am. So I’m just gonna hop on here and pray to Jesus someone has a damn tissue for me and will pat my back with the like button.

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Terrans had auto-mules in the lotv beta but there was a massive outcry over it making things too easy or something, same with auto-injects

Must be so hard a clicking those banes into T/P armies. Probably why they are getting nerfed. Now you cant just make 50+ banes and a move your way to gsl.