Any reason Dragoons were exempt from Artanis P1 (+)?

(+) Increase the effectiveness of all active combat unit abilities by 100%.

Goon ability upgrades are:
—Increases the Dragoon’s attack range by 2.
—Dragoons gain +20 life and their shield regeneration rate is doubled. Also allows the Dragoon to regenerate shields in combat.

This feels like with Swann’s P2, repair to 50% still at 50% instead of going to 100%. I guess it could’ve worked as described, but they omitted it b/c it’d be too powerful? (I guess also to steer players away from making Goons?)

Dragoons have no abilities, so P1 gives them no benefits. There is nothing more to that.


Yeah, what Espurr said. If you want stronger Dragoons, look no further than P2. :3

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Yeah kinda bumbed that P1 couldn’t apply to Dragoons they could just as easily have given it more shield regen or doubled the range bonus upgrade.

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It is stated pretty clearly to players. All of the “upgrades” for Dragoons are passive technically.

While I understand everyone’s view on “it’s a shame…”, I feel it is for the best to not highlight Dragoons.

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Dragoons are already overshadowing too much of Artanis tech tree. Mass dragoons with some sacrificial spin-lots to tank works against everything. Yeah high archon / spin-lots will be better against swarmy comps but spin-lot / dragoon still works. Immortals are fine, especially against ground mech but it’s not like dragoons who also have armored bonus damage, longer range, and can shoot air can’t do the job.

I’m kind of glad P1 promotes the rest of Artanis tech tree. Personally I think the P1 unit costs penalty is too steep unless your going for the high templar build, in which case it is just right. Would like to see the penalty applied to gateway units only (again P1 high templar / spin-lots are really strong even with increased costs) , or perhaps have the cost increase only be like 10% for robotics and stargate units with P1.

P1 has the potential to make Phoenix, Immortals, Tempest, and Reaver builds very good (yes Immortals and Tempest have some utility outside of P1 but are arguably over shined by mass dragoons) . With the cost penalty I find myself forced to go zealot / high templar and storm everything with P1, even though P1 Phoenix are kind of good. I think having less steep Robotics and Stargate cost penalty can put other P1 builds on par with zealot / high templar.


The skill works as is intended. Dragoons have no active abilities, only passive. Active abilities are abilities you can set to auto cast, or manually cast them. That’s why they don’t get any benefits.
Immortals with 400 shield barriers are pretty OmegaLUL though. Back them up with some slugbois and Dragoons and you have a surprisingly effective army.

Y’know I never even thought about the increase of the Immortal’s shields. That is… pretty OmegaLUL.

Makes sense. For some reason, I thought “active ability” meant abilities that “were activated” or a state of being “on”, so Goons would get this whenever they shoot, or got shot at for their Trillic Compression ability.

Well, if Dragoons get no benefit, it would have been fair that they don’t get the price increase either.
All other units getting a price increase get upgrades.
On the other hand, the units not getting an upgrade: probes, observers, and pre-level 4 zealots, don’t get a price increase, so give us cheaper goons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I find Immortal barrier ability limited more by cooldown than the actual HP of it.

I do think that observers should not have the P1 cost increase as they are not a combat unit but dragoons should.

If you are going for templars you are already gas starved. You don’t need a tax on your observers.


Lol really? So what about other prestiges? If that’s true then we have to fix all of them.

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The overall theme of this prestige is to encourage using active abilities and punish using a simple A-move army style.

As with how most prestiges are SUPPOSED to work (some failing) you gain one thing, but lose another. Seems like this prestige works in my book.

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A-move with mass Reavers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 2s (after full mastery) to build a Scarab is pretty sweet though

Observers aren’t more expensive.

And why would you need an observer if you have psionic storm?

To look them in the eye before casting it

To be sure your storm is on point. It isn’t always intuitive to find where the cloaked units are.

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Observers are in fact more expensive on P1, almost sure of it.

Except Observer costs 25/75/1 across all prestiges for Artanis. You can easily test this yourself in Arcade → ‘search MM’ → choose any map → Select P1 Artanis → type: “-fastbuild” + “-money” → Make Observer. You’ll see it costs exactly the same while Immortal and Reaver are more expensive.

So unfortunately that almost counts for nothing :stuck_out_tongue: . Or perhaps I’m wrong, and M’s maps happen to have a single glitch that differs from actual Coop (even though they use the same resources). And you can test your theory in a real coop game as P1 Artanis, and I’m 100% sure you’ll find its cost is 25/75/1 still.

Either way, this test will take less than 3min of your time. Although needless to prove yourself wrong.

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