Any new RTS that comes out is automatically better

Because it doesn’t have things that dominate an entire matchup like proxy marauder in TvT.

Nothing in that new RTS will compare to the imba level of ultras or carriers.

Play in low 3K, see what kind of players you run into, literally people wasting their time looking for the rush of a free win in a dead game by going mass ultra infestor and then unplugging when they still lose.

Blizzard is responsible for creating the worst balanced game ever. It would be impossible for a developer to play one macro game against zerg and think the game is vaguely okay.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t convince themselves ultras, vipers, infestors and protoss should be in the game.

The second a new RTS comes out, every last bit of c4nc3r from SC2 is wiped off the face of the planet.

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you havent seen david kims new rts have you then.

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I’ve definitely seen it. There’s no equivalent to mass ultra or protoss in it.

lmao yeah you definatly havent seen it then. first off theres no building any buildings what so ever, second yes theres alot of stuff that will wipe out units like there ants. Secondly with no buildings theres no base defence for the sole structure that you have to defend. third theres no mining.

yeah its not even really an rts at this point but tower defence game. so yeah infinitly worse than sc2

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David kims game is more like marine training arena than a tower defence game. It’s obvious that he wants to remedy the mistakes he made in sc2. A lower skill floor, less reliance on apm and short games to appease the tiktok brain of the modern gamer. From a first glance perspective i think the biggest issue would be a lack of depth but that can be fixed by continuous updates and map changes.

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If you really want to appreciate the balance in StarCraft II, try playing Grey Goo. There’s a pretty long list beyond that.

Anyway, the grass is always greener on the other side until it isn’t anymore. That even goes back to all the people who insisted StarCraft Remastered would be the end of StarCraft II. Now you have people arguing about how the balance in Battle Ace or Stormgate is guaranteed to be better when they’re being made by developers who spent years on the balance of StarCraft II or ZeroSpace where the design is heavily dependent on pro StarCraft II players who are currently also on the Balance Council.

Look; if you don’t enjoy StarCraft II and you’ve already tried StarCraft Remastered and Warcraft III Reforged, you definitely should try out these new games and see if you like them better. But I doubt that anything else will be free of things to complain about, especially when they first release.


Speaking from experience, Stormgate’s mechanically fairly similar to sc2. It plays well and feels good - the unit movement is smooth and pretty consistent, and they’re (mostly) pretty easy to use. But it’s definitely not balanced.

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Personally, I enjoy Grey Goo, but it is a very different kind of RTS to SC2.

There’s a couple of old games you might like. 1991’s Rodents Revenge, 1996 Rats! and Ronnie’s Resort 1998

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I don’t know if any of these still work. These games were fondly remembered.

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Any assimetric RTS game will never be truly balanced


No. The main complaint here is about annoying parts of the game. In particular, early rushing and ultimate units. Alot of people don’t like how it evens the playing field for different skill levels.

EDIT: It might be more accurate to say ‘turtling’ instead of ultimate units. I’m not sure.

There will be no more RTS games dude. How can you sell skins on RTS games? SC2 and only SC2 went F2P and tried it out, I don’t think it was a success.

No, it definitely was, it was just F2P way to late in its life to revive it to the former glory it once had.

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I was talking about the skins sales, not the change to F2P model in general where I have very mixed opinions.

TBH they got a LOT from the warchests that they did - enough not just to fund blizzcon finals in addition to paying the artists that made the skins but also enough to carry over some of that funding to the next blizzcon they did. They earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for minor model tweaks and texturing.

Skin sales after were less successful if only because of the absurd pricing on them. Some of them are way to expensive for what they are - really only one or two of them are actually worth the price (viking getting a completely new model and transformation animation on the Mecha skin for example). But even those both were effected by the fact that the player-count already was significantly lower due to the game not going F2P early enough.


not to mention half the skins arent even a complete set either, some of them are just unit skins and no buildings, some are buildings and no units and then theres the combined ones that are outrageous considering you can only really use skins on 1v1 and 2v2 where as the other two your limited to 3 units because its too much for the game to handle, which is a joke really.

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To be fair, that’s because the sc2 architecture is ancient by modern-day standards at this point. To change that you’d effectively have to rebuild the engine from the ground up.

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Balance is not that hard they can make more simetric.

Zerg get rid tier system make liner based like Terran,

Protoss remove some building to stream line and remove power from pylon and give to nexus and pylons only extend power but double radius.

But like it’s not enough comparing to other games genres. Cool, skins sales can carry over some funding of the next Blizzcon meanwhile the any other Blizz game alone could carry 100 Blizzcons at the same time. Just let’s be honest, RTS aren’t worth making these days, any other game genre could give the company quadruple more money with much less invested in the project.

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Sins of a solar empire cost 800k to make and netted around 10 million. The triple a studios just don’t know how to manage money. You get that a lot with really big software companies. They have insane profit margins. It’s not a cookie factory with a 1% profit margin that has to be tightly managed to keep afloat. So the managers tend to be totally financially inept because they run a company that has a golden goose laying eggs in the basement of their office building. Either that or they have the hand of midas sitting a sock drawer at home. It’s not uncommon for game companies to throw ungodly amounts of money at something that frankly could’ve been done with 1/100th the budget had they hired their management out of another industry. It’s just a management issue.

So the issue they run into is that of labor organization. They have more money than god, there is simply a limit to how large of an organization you can build before it paralyzes itself from its sheer size. That means there is a limit to how much labor you have, and they ration the labor and not the development costs. They don’t want to spend the labor on an RTS game because it would be better spent on diablo or hearthstone.

A good analogy is building apartment complexes. In theory you could have 1,000 workers show up & have it built in a day but in reality it doesn’t work that way. Not enough tools, materials are misplaced, mistakes are made & revisions have to happen via management, two people need to occupy the same work space, one job depends on a previous job having finished, etc. With a certain size you just can’t effectively organize the labor & you’re just wasting money having people twiddle their thumbs. Labor management is actually a very interesting problem. Just trying to line up the timing of when people show up to do certain jobs is hard. In reality your workers are probably only going to be 50% time efficient. Half your potential labor is going to be wasted. And that’s the ideal case.

Had a general contractor who needed tile work done in a kitchen of a triplex. Turns out his island was 3" too close to the countertop. Had to move it. Now the tile work had to be fixed. Oops, they don’t have any more tile. Have to order some. 3 weeks go by. Tile arrives, but it’s the wrong shade. Tile arrives again, still the wrong shade. Tile arrives again, but the tiles are broken. Finally, 4 months after the initial inspection, the correct tile shows up & I install it for them. They can’t get the inspector in for another month. They missed out on 4 months of rent because an island was misplaced by 3 inches. That’s the kind of BS you end up dealing with if you are a manager. And now imagine how big of a mess this is for a company like Blizzard. It’s gotta be a colossal crap show.