Anticipation thread for Online Blizzcon 2021 abridged

Here we go again. What have I done?

Dont worry, im not particularly interested in arguing with this guy about what he thinks the story says and what it actuallys says dont match up for the umpteenth time. He’s obviously not going to listen any better than he has in the past.

Nothing. Weird feeling, eh?

You can count me in, Emperor. Speculation is bitter-sweet at this point. Given the brain drain, I hope Blizzard crushes and burns. That’s the only scenario I can think of that allow DreamHaven to buy the IP.

Activision will have to go under for that as well.
And I doubt the collapse of such an industry giant will go over well for the other big ones.

The problem with such an industry crash is that people at the top like Bobby Kotick will just move on with their cash and invest somewhere else. While the devs themselves will be the first ones to suffer…

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And that’s why I didn’t get into the industry in college. That’s what following your passion gets you.

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Shoot, and just when I’d come back too.

Anyway, Seryph, you mentioned someone praised us as wholesome? OwO

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I’m wholesome as ****.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.


Some fella named Garett.

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Maybe it’s 'cause I mentioned Mileena and Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate?

Let’s see if this thread gets nuked now.

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Yup. This is why I rarely watch TV now.

ColdWar: Niadra hunt all, feral zergs attacks, simulant and Cerberus program, Taldarim , Terran on the lower ranks broke the peace treaties, rebels vs Valerian and Ihan-rii

Yes, it has been a problem in SC2 to waste previously established material and add new things Umoja has not done anything yet the tribes in the hierarchy were relegated by new factions protoss more big in Legacy. Ihan-rii be could be a better version than the WoL taldarim but it hurts that they missed the party
The zerg robots are not good at all the robots with organic forms have been used quite a lot as guardians, to train against zerg, there was only a madman who applied high technology, to recreate an alien faction. Mecha Swarm is a low-scale version of the simulant project, possibly the kidnapping of Stetman has to do with the fact that his mecha swarm is the prototype alpha version of the simulant project that fully recreates every biological aspect of the zerg in detail with high technology

If they retconned Stetmann’s terrazine arc or Stetmann entirely, I would not shed a tear.

I’m not sure either they never read it until now or one of us said something recently that set it off.

Surprised that their wasn’t even a mod comment but just a delete, so we’ll probably end up on the topic again at some point.


Im given to understand that past a certain point, long threads actually start causing problems for servers and databases that store them. They likely didnt expect us to keep going with just a general banter thread continually since the forums moved.


I mean, there is a size limit to threads on those forums, at around 20k, and the old thread was still far from it…


How did you find that out?

A few threads in the WoW forums reach that size. They’re still available even when closed due to their size.

So we got kicked in the butt for no reason without warning. Yeah, figures. I didn’t get temporary ban though even though it’s autumn.

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