Anticipation thread for Online Blizzcon 2021 abridged

Due to an… unexpected disappearance, here’s a discussion thread for the upcoming Blizzcon Online if you know what I mean @Skehan

It’s never too soon to talk about that :slight_smile:

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RIP a really unnecessarily long thread.


It will be missed :sob:


THEY MURDERED IT. Our collective child. It is… dead.


Since this is in the Starcraft forum, then I assume we’re anticipating something Starcraft related?

Is Blizz even still interested in continuing Starcraft?

They still put out story content periodically, as well as coop updates. They also had a Starcraft Shooter in the pipeline before it got canned due to shifting priorities in the company (D4, OW2 and Shadowlands all needing more immediate attention at the time, no doubt). Its on their radar, even if SC2 in particular is not their favorite child right now.

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The shooter wouldn’t have made sense, would it? Didn’t SC2 end with the three races becoming BFFs or something? I don’t understand why they would suddenly fight again AVP style.

Didn’t stop a Nova Covert Ops campaign. Probably would have been something alongside those lines.

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Maybe they’ll bring in some new xel’naga characters. Maybe the ihanrii will all wake up and lead an invasion of Earth. The zerg will grow a new overmind from a larva and decide that peace is for losers and try to eat everyone. Earth will lead an invasion of protoss space in revenge for all the planet glassing.

Considering all the stuff that happened in Warcraft, I guess Anything is possible.

There was a ceasefire, but the protoss were mostly involved with their own affairs and the zerg under Zagara were confusing everybody. Post Evolution, the Daelaam and the Dominion have somewhat closer ties to watch over Zagara and Abathur, but the Umojans and KMC are still independent, the Tal’darim give 0 craps what the Daelaam think, and there are rogue broods that Zagara doesnt command, plus untold numbers of pirate and mercenary groups not belonging to any faction.

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Plus, Blizz can just make up whatever they want too. Like they did with Warcraft.

Oh, hey, i remember you. Is there some reason you feel that behavior is going to endear you to us this time when its only ticked us off every other time youve come in here to antagonize us?

I’m not trying to start a fight.

We’ve gotten Egon’s mecha swarm, the ihan-rii, Cerberus, and more. I don’t think we can easily predict what could happen when new factions can just appear to disrupt the status quo.

Then maybe be less belligerent in the future.

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I’m trying to be unbelligerent right now. You can’t hear me, but my tone is more tired than anything else.

Blizz likes to make up new stuff on the fly, even if it doesn’t fit with previous stuff. It’s hugely difficult to predict what can or cannot happen. Hence, a lot of stuff that would otherwise be utterly unpredictable is possible.

Like Egon getting high and building a robot army, or a that new ihanrii empire we never heard of before suddenly appearing.

There could be any number of new protoss empires slumbering in stasis, or even active but too far away from Aiur to know about before. Or new zerg empires, for that matter. We also know nothing of the other Earth colonies either. There could be more xel’naga running around too. And more retcons too, I guess?

We won’t know until Blizz produces more substantial material. Which probably won’t happen for many years at least.

The Ihan-Ri have only appeared in the skin lore so far, and that isnt really canon, in the same way that coop is non-canon, although it may be an indication of what theyre thinking.

Hence the speculation. We can only work with what we know.

If Warcraft is anything to go buy, then all sorts of wild stuff is possible. Including time travel and alternate timelines.

The only limitation I can see is that whatever new material still has to fit into the three race dynamic. That’s why the xel’naga/hybrids weren’t added as a fourth race.

But we have a big galaxy. 400 billion stars spread across 100,000 light years. It is probably chock full of terran, zerg, protoss, and xel’naga we have never seen before waiting for Blizz to actualize them.

So I think it’s accurate to say that anything could happen.

Possible and likely are radically different concepts. If we just shrug our shoulders and go “screw it, anything goes” then speculation is pointless. Anything, sane or not, is equally plausible. So whats even the point of discussing it? We dont have anywhere to even begin. If we stick with the established lore, we can at least apply logic to a starting point.


I see you’ve been working on your standup comedy routine.

I am of course using the Royal We. I make no presumptions about anybody else’s ability to apply logic to anything.

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