An unexpected fatal error occured

Hi, it just happened so much to me, sometimes more and sometimes less. I tried different ways and even bought a cooling fan. But none of these works. My computer is top notch the newest dell alienware with nvida 4080 GPU, running in win 11. It is just so frustrating and can’t figure out the reason. Thanks for help!
error code: F5ED8007-022E-4635-A0D6-E95C63AA65F7
It always happens during the game play. It seems to happen less when I lower the game graphic options, but I’m not certain.

seems to be a windows 11 thing. alot of people who have windows computers and have problems its usually a one drive or a windows 11 problem. You almost never see problems for windows 10 unless someone got a weird hardware config. suprised your rocking a dell alienware and not some super custom built.

Can somebody from the battlenet company help?

I have this issue as well. Brand new Alienware Aurora R16, Windows 11, never had any issue with my old crappy comp. Now it crashes every time I’m in a match (Ladder or vs AI). I already followed the steps to resolve on the Crash Support page, but I still can’t play.
My error logs:

3/12: 2D0305AA-0362-4006-9BAC-5FBCD0910FD9
3/12: 5458C0AE-B0C6-40CF-A5F1-12F5175D833E
3/12: C59858D1-B374-496B-9C88-0805211B15E7
3/12: A1CF7196-91DE-471C-988D-0C46442A563D

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