An attempt to create an accurate WoL canon mission order

Not entirely, it seems. I’ve managed to find some topics through web archives

If you could find 100 (actually 300 something) reasons why Kerrigan is the worst, you’d have my gratitude.

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Yeah, I still feel bad about it being rudely deleted by our Mod. Seriously, they leave us alone for so long; why started meddling then? And took our piece of history with it.

I’m afraid there is no truly accurate mission order. There will be conflicts in the storylines.

Donny has a mental breakdown on TV after Media Blitz. Piercing the Shroud (the mission immidiately after) confirms that Donny was admitted to a metal institution. He is also absent on all Char broadcasts. This makes Media Blitz-Piercing the Shroud the most logical missions to do just before Char. He’s perfectly fine after Maw of the Void so that mission had to be done before these.

But joining with Valarian before Media Blitz doesn’t really work either. Horner mentions they are ‘making real progress against Mensk’ which isn’t true before MB. It’s also doesn’t make much sense to join the Dominion before MB. Then there’s Tychus. After Maw of the Void he get’s desperate because he realizes their course of action is going to result in a confrontation with Raynor. But Engine of Destruction and Media Blitz are easily his happiest most carefree moments in the game so they should be timed BEFORE his breakdown and the bar fight. And the crew wouldn’t get angry at Raynor if he was planning BOTH MB and the Char missions simultaniously.

Raynor’s angry reactions at Tosh seems to be because Tosh is using telepathy on him (how he knows about Zeratul). So if you ask me, The Dig could happen any time really. Raynor just doesn’t like Tosh reading his mind without permission.

So I don’t think everything really works perfectly. Another example is how Tychus starts getting cold feet about ‘jumping head on into an alien invaion’ after the Mobius mission. Later missions strongly imply that he’s not actually scared of Kerrigan but rather of being forced to betray Raynor after Kerrigan turns human. Before he knows the artifact can turn her human, he’s actually egging Raynor on to confront and kill Kerrigan in order to get a pardon for them both from Mensk. But this ‘cold feet’ comment happends BEFORE the reveal what the artifact can do. I just see it as small canon mistakes.

We know. Doesn’t mean it is not worth trying to get one, though.

Not necessary. There are a couple of broadcast where Donny is uncharastically quiet. This could be the preiod when he is still in the process of melting down. Raynor also didn’t fully realize the important of the mission prior. He was still doubtful at the beginning. It’s quite possible that it doesn’t follow immediately after.

Actually, it does. Apparantly, Raynor wasn’t getting much done prior during the four years time gap. His troop lacks many of the high tech hardware. I believe that the invasion helps him a lot; many of the fringe world suddenly want his service.

How so?

There should be, but people is complicated. He could jump down fairly quickly if he realize what is about to happen. Especially after some of his happiest raid. So the time might not need to be that long.

Also, the Bar fight wasn’t that big of a deal. He is a violent man who is half dunk. And the situation is defused pretty fast. It wasn’t much destructive and it ends after a couple of talk with Raynor.

Well, I think going to Char is more than just working with the Dominion. It’s also about fear. The Zerg is a very real threat. But yes, Hornor’s attitute will be strange.

The reveal is for Raynor’s benefit, though. Mengsk and Mengsk propably know about it before that. Espcially Mengsk, it’s ‘his’ plan after all. So Mengsk could inform Tychus from the very beginning about his ultimate long term plan. The previous scene when Tychus hack Hyperion’s would also work better if he knows. Unless Mengsk inform Tychus about Mengsk’s plan to convert Kerrigan, Tychus should have zero hope and wouldn’t doing any of the egging.

I know. That’s the way Blizzard made it. I’m just trying to get as close as possible.

I commented on this in the OP. Storyline-wise it’s only logical to have Maw of the Void (and Supernova) after the Dominon arc. Thus the behaviour of Tychus, Valerian, Warfield and the Hyperion crew makes sense. The only problem is… Donny. I really wish Blizzard had made alternative versions of the broadcasts that exclude him if Media Blitz was done prior to the respective broadcast. Sadly, that isn’t the case, so as I mentioned in the OP, I’m going with the lesser evil here.

Well, I dunno. You might be right about the reason why Jim is pissed off, but I feel that his behaviour towards Tosh has to follow some sort of a mini-arc. Otherwise it could seem almost schizophrenic.

Alright, I give you this one. Still, one could always assume that Tychus got upset (or even a little scared) at the sight of Kerrigan personally ravaging Tyrador and showing off her powers (although I agree that this doesn’t sound very much like him)

Actually, that makes sense. Tychus used to be the strongest person in the room able to 1 versus 1 anybody. And then there is this person who could level an entire building with her mind, survive an army on her own. Tychus is not foolhardy brave. It makes perfect sense to be scared of Kerrigan.

Nice. Well done, Nikstar. I set out years ago to make my own list of what I thought would be the most narratively effective and sensible order - and guess what?

My list is literally only one mission different from yours (I had The Great Train Robbery immediately before The Dig). Other than that, our orders are exactly the same, all 26 of them.

I don’t think anyone has stated this yet, but another reason A Sinister Turn works so well right before The Moebius Factor is as follows: after A Sinister Turn, aboard the Hyperion, Swann tells Raynor that he’s looking rough lately, and that he might want to “lay off the sauce” and “get some shut-eye” once in a while. Raynor responds rather curtly and dismissively.

Definitely makes it flow much more naturally if that’s fresh in the player’s mind for when Horner confronts Raynor about his drunken despair in the cinematics following The Moebius Factor.

Anyway, nicely done!

(Yes, I’m new here. Been playing SCII since it came out - and definitely loved the original as a child - I just haven’t bothered posting on these forums before. Am enjoying the 10th anniversary achievements so far and just completed Nova Covert Ops for the first time, which I had never done before. Hey everyone.)

Only recently? Hmm, you’re just a noop, then.

Hello and welcome. 20

Spirit: Yeah, man, just never bothered until really recently. I’m glad I did finally play them, though - those were some fun missions. I played on Hard to just experience them - the missions, the story - for the first time. Some of those look like they’d be absolute madness on Brutal - especially End Game. But yeah; they were good.

Thanks, Skehan.

Woman in her case. Spirit is our resident witch.


(Normal for me. Hard is too hard to enjoy everything)

You have no idea! Especially if you want to challenge yourself and save every Gorgon!

Bravo! Nicely done!
Though I still don’t get what makes Belly of the Beast canon as opposed to Shatter the Sky. I always do it, and it makes All In many a lot easier. So I fail to see a single lore reason why Shatter the Sky isn’t canon.

Now will you do one like this for HotS and LotV, it’s a lot easier. :grin: :grin: :grin:

It makes the most sense tactically to go for Shatter in the Sky because you’d much rather cripple aerial mobility.

However, I’m not sure if Raynor is simultaneously holding down Warfield’s position and remotely commanding troops on the platform above. If he was, it’d make more sense for him to send out a covert ops team including himself to destroy the tunnels.

Actually, there isn’t as much left as you think. Heart of the Swarm’s canon order is known. Although, a small minority, like me, have a lot of problem with it and refuse to acknowledge the order. I should also tell you that I have one of the loudest voice around here. As for the Legacy of the Void, most Poster agree that Shakuras first then Korhal and then Glacius. Unfortunately, a small vocal minority is against it and keep insisting that Korhal comes before Shakuras. Hence, the topic is quite a mine field and will incur 100+ yelling match.

As such the only order he/she could safely propose is what happens after Ulnar.

What’s the canon order of planets in HotS?


We know this because of the Niadra comic. Niadra remembers Kerrigan as Primal Queen of Blades and this comic was penned by Valerie Watrous who was a lead writer at the time so it’s definitely canon. Only way for Niadra to remember Kerrigan as Primal is by Zerus preceding Kaldir and Zerus cannot precede Char in that case.

I think Skygeirr precedes Space, but I would need Marsaro to confirm this. This order is known from “The Story so Far” from the old official site.

I actually prefer taking down Nydus Worms. I always think about Air.

That whole thing makes no sense. He’s sending only a small team down the caverns. It’s a gameplay decision. There is no reason to think Raynor is the only competent person to pull off these missions. Send the small team down the caverns and send the fleet and marines on the platform.

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