Am I the only one wanting more Kerrigan story?

For some reason the Zerg story with Kerrigan is far better then anything else in Starcraft II to me. What about you guys?

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No I do too. Her and UED in SC3.


Kerrigans story is done and burried and I can’t think of any new interessting story threads they could make out of what’s left.

A Vorazun and Selendis buddy cop campaign sounds far more interesting to me.


K is gone. She’s a golden Xelnaga angel now. She absorbed Jimmy’s essence on Mara Sara per my cannon, gave life to some barren planets, and is now hanging out in the void.

Zagara rules the largest faction of zerg now.

I don’t know what Body Cop is, but it does sound appealing.

until Niadraa returns that is, it’ll be a new broodwars, more fierce and relentless due to Zagara’s altered, hightened coinscesness and the yet untold potential of Niadraa, i mean she kinda is like Alia Atreides: born with all the abilities and knowledge of a Bene Geserit/Broodmother
i can imagine Zagara incorperating more Zerrus strains into her swarm while Niadraa finds new additions and a way to fit them into the swarm

also UED vs reformed Dominion is a nice ongoing conflict and the 2nd “Age of Strife” is still looming on the horizon if Artanis can’t hold the tribes together so there is plenty of stuff a clever writer can draw from, i don’t want another politician offspring rejecting more or less the role of his father,is forced into a leader role and ultimativly succumbs to the power he had gained, i mean prince Arcturus Menethil … erm Arthas Mengsk … you know what i mean


It’s called Aeon of Strife.

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i was close but no cigar =P

You’re forgetting about UED. Kerrigan and Stukov talked about UED coming back from Earth. There is so much story there.

UED coming back is the Koprulu sector’s problem. Kerrigan is a golden angel now, such petty conflicts are beyond that of a Xelnaga.

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It doesn’t matter, she still has to deal with Earth. If there’s anyone that can take her out, it’s the UED. She is human firstly after all.

Kerrigan is no longer human.

And why does she have to deal with earth at all? You are making a lot of assumptions about the UED that aren’t based on much.


I would love more Alarak, Zagara, Tosh (since the A choice is canon) stories

I guess I feel the opposite. I have never liked Kerrigan and I am glad that she won’t resurface. If a SC3 comes along I think it should focus more on political conflicts concerning factions of each race rather than characters who have already run large story arcs like Kerrigan and other BW entities.

The UED is all right but I don’t really see the need for them to return. I loved them in BW but I have a feeling whoever makes SC3 will butcher them.

Anything but Kerrigan. She’s been overdone.

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Kerrigan Meets ‘Old Friend’ from Earth Alexei Stukov (Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm) - YouTube

She’s a space god who rip planets apart and stuff. She can instantly solve any problem with a wave of her hand.

What kind of story do you tell with that?

In order to keep her as a character, then you’d either need to introduce a plot device to depower her or retcon that xel’naga powers can’t solve the plot anymore.

At least assuming you make a sequel and not a reboot. If you reboot the setting, then you can bring back her character and even improve on the writing. A reboot has a clean canvas to recycle and rework ideas from prior continuity. It’s worked really well for Hasbro franchises, for example.

A key problem with Kerry’s character has been that the writers seemingly had no idea what to do with her. She acts like a completely different character from game to game. In SC1OG she was a villain lackey (first to SoK, then to zerg), in BW she was a manipulative main villain, and in SC2 she was a messianic hero.

In order to write consistent stories about her, you need to pin down her character. You need to pin down the universe around her too.

Do you want her to be a hero or a villain? Do you want the zerg to be heroes or villains? Do you want the xel’naga to be involved or not? How?

I have a few suggestions if you’re interested.