Alternate perspective flip mission. Reckoning Kerrigan, Mengsk, Heart of swarm. Dominion defense strategy

Not really. Aside from avoiding city center in places, Kerrigan is no longer holding anything back at this point. Unlike Overmind, she is a breast by her own right. Taking her out is a good tactic.

Moreover, Kerrigan has ‘vision’ something that no other Zerg seems to have; I highly doubt that even Zagara know what it is.

So since, everyone here feels that it is at least possible to stalemate Kerrigan if killing her is a either a ‘bad’ idea or impossible, if the Dominion has a competent leader a.k.a the player.

Would Nova kill Kerrigan if she had the chance, or would she betray Mengsk and give Kerrigan his head, or would she persuade the competent Dominion player to launch a coup’t d’etat to grab the artifact, depower Kerrigan and capture both Kerrigan and Raynor and use them as hostages to force the zerg into a ceasefire, or would she just use the artifact and just kill Kerrigan,

Would Amon ensure a ‘fatal accident’ happens to Jim Raynor, to force Kerrigan and the competent Dominion player into a death match, thus weakening if not destroying hope for a alliance of protoss zerg, human against him?

No, you can’t stalemate with Kerrigan and her Brood. As time went on, you’re going to at disadvantage. She is going to stronger as time went on. That’s why I think we should bidding own time and kill Raynor before taking her out and go full assault.

To honest, we don’t know where she is. I don’t think she’s anywhere near Korhal, though

You’re giving him too much credit. There is no way Amon is that intelligent.

How about this: let the Protoss know she’s at Korhal so they can come with the Golden armada.


Now that’d be fun.

Golden Armada is the greatest amount of concentrated firepower at that time.

Swarm can’t beat it in a single forced battle. (Swarm would beat it by being everywhere though.)


They’d also have a multi-way battle, since the Dominion under Arcturus was not friendly to the Protoss.

Kerrigan’s Swarm had also grown greatly since Kaldir, and we know from the main “Legacy of the Void” Campaign that they respected/feared Kerrigan’s ability enough they waited until she left the sector to try and reclaim Aiur.

I don’t think Kerrigan’s Swarm could defeat the Golden Armada in a straight on battle, of course, but she realistically wouldn’t do so.

The arrival of the Armada would likely cool her down and help her refocus. She’d still be focusing on Mengsk, but would likely let the Dominon and Protoss duke it out more.


I expect that Artanis will be reasonable about things and make it clear he’s only there for Kerrigan. Not that I expect Arcturus to listen but him turning his forces onto the Protoss that are actively engaging the Zerg will give me the excuse I need to launch that coup ive always been dreaming of. All hail Emperor TBO the first of the Terran Dominion!!!


Logistically, I don’t think it’s a good plan. It’s likely that Kerrigan will be done with Korhal before the Armada could arrive.


That depends completely on the FTL speed you use. Which if I remember correctly vary wildly between books.

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Yes, but I’m willing to bet that with Terran technology it will take too long for the message to reach Shakuras. Not to mention the time that the Protoss will use to decide on it and travel to Korhal. The distance is just too far. Remember, the invasion on the palace starts before Valerian can even properly evacuate the civilian.

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She’s already in the imperial sector, and Valerian has been evacuating since the landing. Within this region of the city, there is no holdup. She’s here to kill everyone for a good long radius around.

Probably when she’s busy macroing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s also called “plot armour”.

Honestly, with the information (and brainwashing) Nova has, she’s probably pro-Mengsk at that point. So if she did get involved, it would probably mean that Kerrigan would have an even tougher time advancing.

This is the patron Xel’naga of poor decision making. I doubt he’d do anything that benefits him except by accident.

Artanis and Mengsk have already worked together to fight Kerrigan in Omega. They lost, but that’s not the point. They can work together.

Which implies she was pretty afraid of the Dominion fleet gathering. To be fair, she didn’t have corruptors, so if Mengsk got enough BCs and remembered that EMP on infestors is a thing, she’d basically be screwed.

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Gameplay mechanics

  1. What type of units and numbers do you need to fight of heart of swarm Kerrigan? What defenses?

  2. Same as above, only this time, Kerrigan with a army of zerg, if you fail to stop her from establishing a robust base?

  3. How long do you think you can delay her? a hour, 30 minutes?

  4. What would you use the odin for? and what special tech would you use, lets say you get everything, since Mengsk is filthy rich and thus should have every trick Raynor’s raiders would have and more (mind control zerg tower etc…)

  5. Do you think that if hero Kerrigan is available in multiplayer in the zerg faction, would you still be able to win against your human opponent who is not a noob?


  1. If Kerrigan does die in this scenario, how pissed would Raynor be with Valerian, and the dominion player? I mean its not like Kerrigan is a innocent victim and technically the dominion player is more just defending humanity rather than protecting Mengsk, and Kerrigan did commit a lot of war crimes. Is the alliance still salvagable. That and its not like Raynor can expect the dominion people to just roll over and die to Kerrigan’s whims.

  2. How would Valerian and Zeratul react, to this curveball? I mean Valerian had to stay neutral in this scenario and not take sides, since siding with the dominion would pissed Kerrigan off and she would lashed out, and if he did openly help Kerrigan in her vengeance, than the people would call him a traitor to humanity and etc…

  3. Could Ariel and Zeratul with the good Xelnaga madscience something like resurrecting Kerrigan, or turning Nova into Queen of Blades ver 2 or do something to fix this.

  4. What would the fallout of this invasion be if
    A. Kerrigan gets killed. its optional if Nova, Valerian and the player manages to launch a coup’t d’etat on Mengsk
    B. Kerrigan and Raynor gets captured. its optional if Nova, Valerian and the player manages to launch a coup’t d’etat on Mengsk same as Scenario A.

  5. What does this mean for the other brood mothers that Kerrigan leaves behind along with Stukov, surely he would understand why the player kills Kerrigan if she is killed instead of captured.

  6. How would Duran and Amon take advantage of this chaos.

  7. Would this alternate scenario be just as interesting as legacy of the void?

Ghosts with nukes and the permanent stealth upgrade. Since Kerrigan’s detection is limited to Spore Crawlers I would nuke all of her hatcheries before mass sniping her.

How many Ghosts, and what about the rest of her army if she manages to get one?

I forgot, Since sometimes the campaign does throw curveballs at you, how would you prepare for unexpected third parties, such as for example: Zeratul coming to Kerrigan’s rescue, convince he needs her alive, Valerian deciding prematurely to fight you, trying to stay in Kerrigan’s good graces, to protect his people, even if it means sacrificing his father, or even one of the brood mothers reinforcing her, or a unexpected outbreak of hybrids or something etc or whatever the campaign decides to throw at you to screw you over?

Well, given that Overseers are not part of Kerrigan’s comp in Heart of the Swarm, I’m only going to mass Ghosts and let them snipe the Zerg Army while forming a wall to block ground forces, optimally in a bottleneck. Vikings with enhanced range and Tsunamis missiles will take care of the few aerial units she might send.

Depends. If he convinces her to leave with her Swarm then my job is done. If he attacks me alone I’ll pack some Ravens for detection and let my Ghosts snipe him. If he send a Protoss Army alongside Kerrigan then I’m putting some Siege Tanks behind my Ghost Wall and use some Ghosts for EMP to weaken the Protoss. If they employ Observers and they share their vision with Kerrigan then I’m screwed given that I’m unaware of the Keystone per the OP. My best bet will be to focus fire on Kerrigan after her Hatcheries are Nuked, forcing them to group around her, either she dies and then they have no reason to keep fighting, or I’m sending Nukes to destroy the regrouped Protoss forces.

I’ll use a Banshee/Vikings combination to snipe his Comsat Station while my Vikings will be sniping every Raven and Science Vessels they come across. A Supply Depot Wall and some Medics will stay behind to support my Ghost Wall if he brings detection to it.

Depends if she has the same comp as Kerrigan. Without Overseers it won’t be a problem, rinse and repeat my previous methods. If she does brings Overseers then Vikings will actively hunt for them.

I’ll retreat my forces so that Hybrids and the Swarm will kill eachother. Then I’ll nuke the Survivors.


We are Church of Mengsk. We have created countless amount of scenarios where Kerrigan dies. 'Tis but one of many.

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Good answer, I like RTS games, that forces you to adapt to ever changing battle situations, or even use unconventional strategies just to have a chance of winning.

There are two possibilities. Either I win really fast or I lost. The longer you let the Zerg entrance the less chance you’re going to have. If you can’t wipe them out early when you have the highest advantage, then what chance do you have later on?

Attack wherever Kerrigan is not. Odin is the strongest unit, but it can’t fight Kerrigan head on. Better to annoy her with it.

Nope, I don’t think I can win even if my opponent is a noob.

Not at all. Like you type, Kerrigan isn’t a blameless victim here. He hates Mengsk (for he didn’t understand the grand design), but he know that solider on the ground is just doing their job. And really, why would he be angry at Valerian?

Valerian probably helps Raynor flee. Zeratul will go console some stone tablet about the ‘Prophecy’.


There is a good Xel’naga?

A clone of her, maybe? That’s possible.

I’m not sure if Nova is strong enough. Vanilla Kerrigan is really strong. Assuming that she is, this is easily done. Just kidnap or lure her to Zerus.

The Swarm probably just left. Not sure what Raynor will do; depends on the situation at time, I guess.

Impossible. Neither Nova nor the Player will betray Mengsk. Kerrigan wouldn’t be dead, otherwise. Valerian is unlikely to be able to do much. Maybe just walk back to his old life in the palace.

Someone will break them out. Don’t you know the basic of story progression 101?

It means that she is weak; time to follow a new leader.

Duran wants her to die from the beginning. Sadly, he is useless in the Void at the moment. Amon won’t be able to capitalize on anything. The best he could do is just seize the Swarm for himself once he’s ready.

By this alternative scenario, you mean Kerrigan is dead, right? No, I don’t think so. Artanis won’t be able to get the Keystone. Zeratul probably survive. And we will get something similar to the ‘In Utter Darkness’, I think.

Mengsk will have problems, he did metaphorically create the ‘queen of blades’ by leaving Kerrigan to die to get revenge for his family, which would cause him a lot of political capital, among his other scandals and atrocities, hide behind the dominion soldiers which caused a high body count, and hoarded the artifact, which he didn’t even bother to used to assist his soldiers or General Warfield.

The only probable reason people like Nova and the player dominion are willing to die to defend him from Kerrigan, is probably, more defending Korhal, and they hate her more and consider her a worse monster than Mengsk, which may or may not be true, if the interpretation of her character that is willing to kill anyone to get to Mengsk for revenge, even accounting for allowing Honor and Valerian to evacuate civillians.

There is a good Xel’naga, the one that helps Kerrigan ascend to Xel’naga.

Why would they need to kidnap Nova, surely she would cooperate, if Zeratul explains, why he needed Kerrigan alive, and how the pissing match between Kerrigan and Mengsk may have cause the apocalypse, either they can revive Kerrigan or find a substitute to take Kerrigan’s place and diplomacy the swarm or beat it into accepting Nova queen of bladers ver 2.

I think you underestimate how much authority Mengsk actually have. Even if people knew that he is responsible for the fall of Tarsonis, he’s still in power. I’m not sure how any of your point could top that.

Anyway, how is he hiding behind the Dominion soldiers? He is in his palace. He is not a soldier. Kerrigan invade Korhal to kill him. If he hid behind civilian, now that might be a cause.

The Keystone is pretty much military secret. I’m not sure how he would get in trouble for hoarding. It’s super to spin the truth with this one.

This whole reason is moot as soon as either of them see that Kerrigan lets those civilians go, though. With how successful Valerian and Raider are, even an idiot knows there is something going on here. The first sensible cause of action would be contacting Valerian directly. After that just make a deal or something; there is no better time to betray Mengsk than literally when he is being hunted by the Queen of Blade.

Oh, that Ouros? Nah, he isn’t good by the meaning of the word as you and I use it.

At this point in time? I’m not sure. She lets so many crap happens during Acturus’ regime.