All of my CO-OP commanders have had their level reset to 0

Just as the title says, my CO-OP commanders have had their level reset to 0 and I have no idea how to fix it, I also don’t appear to have my mastery level anymore. I’ve reset my game about 15 times over the course of the day, reset my PC about 3 times, tried repairing my game from the Battle.Net app and tried logging out of my account, nothing has worked yet. Can someone please help me here?

Hey Void,

Most of the time if you have not reset them with the prestige system it is do to a connection issues. Let’s go ahead and try the following steps.

Firewall settings
Power cycle
Flush connection

I do see you have a ticket open as well. Please keep it open as the technical support agents will be able to assist.

If they’re indeed level 0 and not level 1 or above, then it’s that the game hasn’t loaded the data from online properly.

I sometimes see that, but for me it would only last an instant then become normal.

You could try to just load the commanders tab then wait (maybe minimize or go into windowed mode and do something else for a while) and see, but if nothing happen, since the customer support answer above is about connection issue, then it would be the best answer, and if not working, you would have to keep working along with them to find the issue.

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