Achievements not registering

In the Legacy of the Void Master Archives, I’ve completed all the individual achievements (3 for each mission), but the intro screen continues to show only 74% completed. How can I resolve the issue if there are no achievements remaining?

Because it’s not all the achievements you can get. there are Mastery, story mode and Spear of Adun Abilities achievements as well. go to your profile → achievements → Void campaign and click each of the tabs in the sub list to check what is missing.

In profile → achievements → Void all of the achievements in have been completed, except for End of an Era because I’ve not completed Wings of Liberty… I don’t see any missing achievements for Mastery, story mode, or Spear?

After you click “Void” you should have under it sub menus, including:

Prologue Missions
Aiur Missions
Moebious Corp Missions
Epilogue Missions
Many of those you have already completed.
In Story mode make sure to campaign on brutal, and talk to every character ^^
Spear of Adun missions - just make sure to use every ability for a while.

Mastery - this is where the fun begins.
Some like “A Royal Trashing” are actually fun and make gameplay diversed.
Some like “Anvil of Will” may be both fun and hard.

“The Rite Stuff” and “Disruption Junction” are most likely to be hell.

You certainly can be proud of yourself every time you complete a mastery achievement ^^

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