Achievement not ok - versus, ranked/unranked; 500 wins; team

Question; I’ve been after these four achievement for ages.
I play with 3 vs AI and as such have reached 1000 wins; team Random age ago.

After a couple of years (had a break), I notice there isn’t any progress on terran, zerg and protoss anymore.
The race progress under the “race versus AI” is still working perfectly.
Did my targeted achievement change??

As stated earlier, I’d really like to complete the Team Ranked/Unranked races achievement by playing versus AI as I have ages ago…

Team Ranked/Unranked only counts in matches against other players. Same with Solo Ranked/Unranked. There are separate achievements for vs A.I. and those can be unlocked solo, Archon, or Team vs A.I.

I’m not sure if that was different at some point but I don’t think so and I don’t see any guides where that was the case.

Thanks for the headsup.
Seems like the last time I progressed on the achievement was +10 years ago, so I’ll count my blessings and blame the booze for not remembering being any good vs players back in my day.

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