Abathur 125 biomass prestige not always working

With the Abathur prestige where units can collect extra biomass, some units are capping at 105 rather than 125 (swarm hosts, roaches). It also seems that some units won’t gather more biomass either, even if under 100 (I had a unit with around 93 unable to pick up more biomass at all).


Can confirm, some units are stuck at 105 biomass. I’ve only made mutalisks so far but since OP mentioned roaches and sh as well, I guess it’s safe to say this is an issue for all units.

It’s rather strange cause at the same time in a game you have a bunch of 125 ones and then some with just 105, so the talent works for some, and for the rest… it gives just 5 extra bm instead of 25.

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It’s somewhat random, and I haven’t been able to pinpoint a reason. I at first thought the first unit of a type would get it, and then the next would cap at 105, but that wasn’t the case after all.

Basically, as it stands, this prestige just means you’re playing almost vanilla Abathur, but without the Ultimate Evolution. So, all you get out of it is a handicap really. :confused:

Units I’ve experienced this with; Roaches, Ravagers, Queens, Vipers, Mutalisks; it may or may not happen to Swarm Hosts as well. I’m betting yes.

I also would like to confirm that bug, its the reason i came here. it can happen to all the units not just swarm hosts or roaches and bugged unit refuses to collect any more biomass (even small ones) like its capped and its not just some kind of visual bug because stats are indeed lower. happens quite often too which feels really bad…

not quite vanilla Abathur as you still have 100% biomass drop chance upon death post lvl 7 which is main strenght of the prestige