5.0's map to map load feature is incredibly broken

  • map to map load sometimes fails causing players to be stuck loading indefinitely

  • map to map loading causes playtime for most played on the arcade to be calculated incorrectly. Despite all play time going to the map which initiated the map to map load (this is good), there is a problem where the amount of playtime given is drastically reduced compared to what would be given if you did not use map to map loading. This greatly harms any map trying to use the feature.

  • players in the map to map load screen can highlight and select options from the arcade menu. (Essentialy the way the feature works is that it places to players into a lobby and then hides what its doing with a loading image, however this image does not prevent players from clicking on things behind it)

  • players who use map to map load have their status set ti “in menus” even after they are loaded into the game.

  • the close button is incredibly problematic because many players dont understand what is going on and hit the button out of confusion. Please remove this button so players stop sabotaging themselves. (If this button was added as a lazy fix for if players get stuck in loading, just add a timer or something that kicks them out if the loading is stuck for too long, or just fix the root of the problem…)

Did you update the game? Otherwise, I dunno, and I don’t think that this is a bug. Why don’t you go to technical support???