4th unit variation for LotV

I used to think about that too. Here’s how I imagine it.

Melee Warrior — Tal’darim — Votary
The unit mechanics offered by the topic starter works for me, but yeah, the “Votary” name should be more fitting.
Ranged Warrior — Tal’darim — Slayer
This one is already present in Co-op at Alarak’s army, so nothing more to elaborate here.
Cloaked Warrior — Purifier — Griefer
Cloaked just as others, but has no active abilities; instead, explodes on death, damaging all surrounding enemies.
Robotic Assault — Purifier — Disruptor, baby!
Well, you all know this one from the ladder. In campaign, though, I’d add something more to it to make it more attractive compared to the other big guys. For example, his ability to charge self and deal huge damage to the enemies nearby — just as it was back in the LoTV beta.
Robotic Support — Nerazim — Accumulator
Can recharge other units’ energy for the cost of own, also can create a cloaking field around self (similar to Vorazun’s Dark Pylon in Co-op).
Starfighter — Tal’darim — Scout
You know this one, right? The light flyer with a huge anti-air attack and poor anti-ground attack. Well, in campaign there could be added an AOE-effect for this anti-ground attack, so it gets decimating against ling packs.
Psionic Warrior — Purifier — Recreator
Similar to High Templar, but mechanical (obviously); can disable enemy mechanical units (like terran ghost in SC:BW) and also can restore HP to friendly mechanical units in an area.
Robotic Siege — Nerazim — Decimator
A Reaver-like machine which attacks in a straight line ahead of self, damaging all enemies in its way.

Unfortunately, I’m out of ideas for the Purifier Assault Ship and Nerazim Capital Ship :frowning:

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Nerazim capital ship - mother of all Void rays

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I don’t like the name “Griefer” for the Purifier Dark Templar variant. How about “Assailant”?

Edit: I also don’t like the name “Recreator”. How about “Inquisitor”?

Recreator doesn’t have the best ring to it, but Inquisitor makes no sense in context of his proposed mechanic.

Griefer has an aholish name fitting its aholish ability.

“Inquisitor” makes about as much sense as the Nerazim having the “Centurion” and the Purifiers having the “Legionnaire”. There still needs to be a better name than “Recreator”.

“Griefer” just doesn’t fit at all with Protoss. In any way. I don’t even think that is an actual Title/Name. “Assailant” sounds better and fits better.

Assailant isn’t bad. I like that one.

But in the first case I would stick with the re-something theme. Centurions and Legionnaires are soldiers like their real word counterparts. Inquisitor is in layman’s terms a religious police.

Well, the Protoss were (still kind of are) a very religious race.

I just wonder, how come the “Reaver” fits, but the “Griefer” does not?

It’s worth noting that for the most part there are 4th unit variations for LotV- They just aren’t used. I’m pretty sure it was always meant to be 3 unit choices, but there are plenty of additional abilities and a handful of variations that can be added ingame with a bit of effort.

For instance, the Taldarim Zealot has voicelines (which may or may not have been reused for the Supplicant) and a gimmick ability called “Terrazine Fury”. The Purifiers had the Scout, with Afterburners for its gimmick.

Reaver has a certain eloquence that “Griefer” lacks.

It could take the name Abrogator (like Zeratul’s disruptors in co-op) or Nullifier

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Wasn’t “Nullifier” the name of Nerazim Sentry that might have been planned?

I remember the Nerazim High Templar at least was going to be called “Signifier”.

How about “Primus” as the name of the Purifier High Templar?

Nullifier was the original name for the Sentry, same with Disruptor and maybe one other thing before they ended up with Sentry.

The Signifier and Warp Ray (Aiur Void Ray) are among the more complete units in the editor, but that’s not a high bar since those are the only two that actually got units. The Purifier Scout, Taldarim Skytalon, etc. etc. only have leftover bits and pieces in the data.

Ah. I see.

What would you call a Nerazim Adept?

You’re right! That’s very strange. For some reason the name ‘Griefer’ just feel weird on my teeth.

Also, do some of you come from Japan or Thailand? This might be my stereotype, but only people from either country seem to be this obsess with name.

Especially, Thai, I once witness a heated argument about name for hours. I’m not sure, but it seems they think that many problem can be fixed with a changing of name. They seem to be arguing about what to call a naive rodent. It seems like whether this rodent is annoying or not depend solely on what their official name is. There is also this girl who got dump and face a string of bad luck; she legitimately change her name because it sound similar to a frictional character in old folklore or something. (Although it’s possible that my student was screwing with me, his explanation was too vivid that I’m sure there is some truth to it.)

US, actually, just very particular about Protoss names since they are my favorite race. IMO, there needs to be a certain eloquence for it to sound Protoss enough. In the particular example of “Griefer”, the only definition I can think is the rather human “someone who spoils others’ enjoyment in games”, which the Protoss likely have no concept of.

Honestly, I would split the Adept from its position in the tech tree to a new combat role so that the Instigator (and assuming 4 unit variations, the Taldarim Slayer as well) can take it’s spot. In the new role (maybe Anti Light or Harassment) for the Nerazim unit should be the scrapped Soul Hunter from WoL.

As purely an Adept, though, maybe Shadow Seeker, but I’m not too sure. It’s difficult coming with real-ish Protoss unit names and gimmicks.

I kind of like “Shadow Seeker”.

That’s good one. Don’t like the Primus though.

If you’ve not heard of it, there’s a map creator that made the first two SC2 campaigns in coop mode, and he did most of the missions of LoTV by now.

There’s a 4th variant for every unit there.

Where can I find this?

On EU servers, type coop, you’ll get a list of all the missions by the same creator.

Is it only on EU? What is the Creators name?