2020 Season 2 Map Preview

2020 Season 2 Map Preview

2020 Ladder Season 2 brings new 1v1 and Team maps to ladder!

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Deathaura is gonna be the cheesiest map for zerg, proxy hatch with double rich geysers, rip protoss.Pros were already complaining about a mineral line with a single rich gas, and now there is two of them, proxy ravagers gonna be unstoppable.

I think it’s time we stop with the TL map contest…like honestly after the debacle of the HoTS map pool I have hated TL’s map contest ever since.

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Purity and Golden Wall still in the map pool.

Wow… okay lol


Why are purity and golden wall still in this pool? zzzzzzzz



Zen is gone. The others are still here unfortunately because they are the newest map in the pool.

Hopefully the new maps are not worse and you can at least veto both Purity and GW.


So now there are pervert pillars in every base? The one at your natural on pillars and gold can see your whole nat! Get the f outta here with this crap.


Well that happens when blizzard can’t make any good maps and have to resort to TL with their trash maps for their new season.

these maps just feel like a “hey zerg sorry for the nerfs” maybe we will give you pervert pillars anywhere you may need them and some double rich vaspene geyser bases. We good?"

answer my question. I shoud not come to play this s hitty game again

do casting gigs: tournaments, replays, clan wars. Much easier on the mind and less stressful.

I started doing it and it felt like a massive weight has been taken off my back

i didnt really like this seasons maps ngl.

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Honestly I’m already close to quitting. I uninstalled the game last week in a fit of rage about quite a few things. This may just put me over the edge. Why can’t blizzard just use normal maps? Do we remember the good old days of acropolis and kings cove? Those were epic maps that game epic games… sigh… I think I have vetoed almost all the last seasons maps because they are utter poop

Agree, those maps are garbage.

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You realize overlords can be killed, right?

and it will delay your push/scout if you use Warp Prism/Observer, respectively, or you need to use a floating building as Terran.

That’s the fundamental issue people have with Overlord perch spots, especially if it can see the entire natural wall off since that’s where people put their army before they expand to their 3rd.


You realize zergs used to have to use their brain when they overlord scouted and there was actual risk to floating them around aimlessly

The issue is that you need to invest resources in tech just to be able to kill it. While the zerg needs to just float an overlord over there and they know your entire build. Not to mention how perfectly placed they are. I wouldn’t mind if they were had vision of attack patterns or if the zerg had to actually move off them to scout the nat and when he started taking damage could retreat to it

Why should zerg get map designed perfect scouting locations?

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Dissappointed to see only 2 spawns positions maps. Again.

IMO, this was fine at the beginning but now this is very boring to see maps with the same basis everytime for so many seasons now, plus this dulls the game and the meta will not evolve at all.

Why everyone now hates 4 spawns positions maps ? I miss the time with them …

Four-spawn location maps are very coin-flippy when it comes to scouting and promoted more cheesy plays (cheesy includes being super greedy)

I think we need to promote more ways to non-permanently change the map (for example, slow/speed zones that can be turned on and off by standing on a trigger, that is not located immediately next to the zones themselves) so zone control across different locations is important. This is not necessarily the best idea, but hopefully illustrate what I mean by reversible changes in maps.

4v4 Map “Fortitude LE” one of the player’s Natural is practically blocking the only ramp into the main base of the four other players!!! Come on… With no ramps to get to the 3rds, only a long run. This is just a a setup for a terrible time for 1 player ever time, that front base will be rekt just about every game. Can we see an alteration prior to release?