12 Worker Challenge

Play game(s) without making any additional worker. And see which CO fail and who will succeed.

You might be surprised at how many function perfectly fine without it lol.

Oof, some of the commanders who need a decent amount of gas could be in trouble (except the cheating auto refinery ones).

If I’m Swann, can I build more just to make turrets? lol.

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First ones that come to mind are Stettman and Zagara. Super Gary and Apex Predator Zagara are nothing to sneeze at.
Alternatively, Nova with P3.
A lot of buffed up hero-centric playstyles can easily get through this, minus Tychus.

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Commanders with powerful hero units would definitely feel better in low economy situation.
Also, Reynor with mass mules and Abathur with UEs.

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Definitely, some will need more time due to the constraint. Otherwise, such as P3 Zeratul as an example, will function perfectly fine.

Abathur for sureathur.

Zergs are allowed to refill their workers lost over building?
The title seems to imply so, but the first post seems to imply the opposite.
What about the unlikely case where workers die for some reason? Can they be replaced?

Some of the commanders prestiges dont even need any workers at all and can get by with 0 income on regular brutal, like Nova P3, Zeratul p3, Pretty much any Kerrigan Prestige, Zagara P3, Maybe Vorazun p3 if against ground comps, and possibly but it would be hard with Fenix p1, Tychus p2, and Stetmenn p2.

No, the challenge is all in the fact that you work with what you started with. So any loss of drones to making buildings will need to be taken into your consideration.

No replacement allowed

I’ve seen some Kerrigan players who might as well be doing this - the entire game they just play Kerrigan on 1 base and never make units…

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I love no one here mentions Dehaka here. Or was it too obvious of an answer?
I’m sure Alarak P3 would manage fine.

No Items
Fox only
Final Destination

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I’ve been trying this myself today, as random with a partner. So far the ones that worked:

  • Abathur P0, SoA
  • Stetmann P2, VL
  • Mengsk P2, LL
  • HH P2, PP
  • Nova P3, Mal
  • Stukov P1, CoA Forgot this one by accident
  • Zagara P3, ME Also forgot this one

My partner is skilled so we still make excellent time. However, judging my own performance with a hypothetical average random player, it is entirely feasible so far.

Only had time for those games so far, will continue on this fun journey.

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12 workers in normal patches is about the economy you get in an average solo with slim pickings, and if you have auto assimilators it’s an eco boost compared to that mutator.

So continuing on the fun journey, I did a few more obvious ones with random match:

  • Zeratul P3, SoA
  • Tychus P2, DoN
  • Fenix P2, MO
  • Dehaka P2, RtK
  • Alarak P3, ME
  • Karax P3, TotP

And the journey continues :smiley:

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The only unsuccessful run I’ve had so far was as kerri p2 with a H&H p1 ally on OE. Enemy comp was BC/tank/thor. Those yamatos absolutely obliterated my ally and I ended up losing kerri on trains 7/8, so that was the straight up g

Can you make more drones as zerg to replace drones that become buildings and still be within the spirit of the challenge?

This favors toss, due to their macro mechanics.

No, this was discussed previously already. And the reason is to limit as much as possible.

And the journey ends with all 18 completed:

  • Raynor P3, OE
  • Vorazun P3, PP
  • Kerrigan P2, VL
  • Swann P0, DoN
  • Artanis P3, OE

It was fun lol. Y’all should try it.

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Here is replay of a brutal game with no workers build by me and my friend (both didn’t do any drones)
yadi. sk/d/_PQCbiqXeGZqhA (erase space to use the link lol)
Kerrigan p2
Tychus p1
Lock & Load

Nice, just watched it. Tried anyone else yet?

I very much enjoyed the awol drone haha.