1 ship + 1 character who you taking?

You got to deal with some crisis in the K sector. You get 1 lore character to lead your team, and 1 lore vessel (you get corresponding army that goes with that vessel, so Griffin = covert ops crew, Hyperion = Raiders, etc). Who you taking?

For the sake of changing it up I’m taking Nova and the Cybros Purifier vessel. Nova has good record at getting the job done, purifiers are pretty formidable force.

2nd choice is Raynor with the Spear of Adun only because I can see this scenario :

Spear of Adun probably has like 25k shields / hp

(Takes 1 shot from a mutalisk)

Raynor: “We’re getting burried out here”

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Horner and the Spear of Adun.

The Spear of Adun to get the job done, with all its myriad resources. And Horner to lay the blame on in case I fail.


I’d say most of important characters would be probably too busy with interior problems, to do it themselfs. Or atleast I would not be brave enough to ask anyone for their capital ships and main Commanders.

A chance for Urun, Captain of Gondor, to show his quality.

Now, depending on the scenario - how much I know about what is going on.
If I have little information and it’s probably not army of hybrids, I would take Daelaam Mothership. It is primarly self-sustaining huge science vessel, researching the cause would not be a problem, and could provide me with probably enough defence.

If it is combat mission, then I’d love to sit behind Shields of Tal’darim Mothership.
But since Alarak is not a fool, there would be none available. I’d probably insist on Artanis to make 1 or a few Daelaam Motherships more armed and suitable to combat, and then take one of them + a few carriers and other support to help me.
Both cases would be probably mainly heavy mechanised forces - Nerazim Immortals, Dragoons, Aiur Dark Templars, Aiur High Templars (Tal’darim Ascendant would be a gem, though) and a few Aiur Zealots. Supplied by volunteer Purifiers, who are Protoss, not killing machines.

But it mostly depends on the fact that I love Protoss.
Probably best choice for the mission would be Organism Abathur with Kerrigan’s Swarm onboard a Leviathan. Infinite amount of Zergs sort out every finite problem, and with Aba, there would be nothing what could stand on my way.

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Spear of Adun because of Time Stop and Raynor because he’s resourceful.

Nova or Vorazun and Spear of Adun.


What do you mean by this sentence?

@Main Question

Nova with Spear of Adun.

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Purifiers are templars, not obedient robots.
You cannot force them to do dirty work for you. This is the mistake Conclave did.
They are Protoss in mechanical bodies. Similarly to Stalkers, Dragoons and Immortals.

They deserve respect and chance to take their own decisions.

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Agreed. The Khali arrogance still runs rampant among a significant faction, even with the loss of the Khala.

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The Danimoth and Fenix (Zealot).

The Spear of Adun is great and all when you need overwhelming force, but I’m angling for a small strike force of elite Protoss warriors with a support vessel capable of concealing their approach and extracting them from anywhere.


@TheFalcon Can you describe the crisis more, as that would affect my choice.

For example I wouldn’t send Kerrigan on a diplomatic mission.

Send Dehaka instead ^^

(Actually Kerrigan made a few fancy deals in BW, I think she has some skills on this matter)

I would suggest, interpret the topic as you want and write as much as you want to, it is a very general situation to allow a lot of freedom.
I have splitted mine consideration into 2 cases, feel free to do something similar.

Mengsk with the spear of Adun. The man knows how to blow things up, and has proven many times that he is extremely good at dealing with a crisis. Just often in an ethically questionable fashion. Also SoA is just kinda OP.

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You mistyped ‘Mengsk’. ^^

This is what I was going for.

Okay, mystery situation then.

I’d send Admiral Honer because he’s adaptable, dependable, and moral. I’d put him in command of a Gorgon because the massive capital ship can defend, attack, or assist in a variety of situations.

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And he’s surprisingly good at heists and poker.


Apparently I’m Kachinsky now.

He’s all repelled by it now but I think he enjoyed his wedding night . Now he may not remember his wedding night but I’m confident he enjoyed it.

I can see Jim being like "this kid needs to lighten up and slipping something in his drink so he’d losen up a bit.

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Big envy. Not gonna lie. I have been Kachinsky for a big portion of my career at the Old Forum.

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Welcome to the Katchinsky empire. We are legion.

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