“Hurry up, it's raid night” Achievement Broken?

Recently completed Campaign on Normal with total time of 6.78 hours. I did not get the achievement. Verified I was connected to the internet. This is my second go around to try and get this achievement. Run through before was around 7.5 hours. Any ideas?

Liberation Day - 2:23
The Outlaws - 4:01
Zero Hour - 20:12
Smash and Grab - 13:27
The Devils Playground - 9:11
Welcome to the Jungle - 16:30
The Great Train Robbery - 24:37
Cutthroat - 16:58
The Dig - 31:24
Whispers of Doom - 22:22
A Sinister Turn - 21:06
Echoes of the Future - 27:26
In Utter Darkness - 44:42
The Moebius Factor - 17:37
Supernova - 21:58
Maw of the Void - 25:38
The Gates of Hell - 17:49
Shatter the Sky - 33:16
All In - 30:08

I dont know off hand if those are in real time or in game time, or how the game speed affects the achievement. That seems like the first place to look.

I think that you can skip the zeratul missions and that it would still count as completed.

Play the campaign again but skip the Zeratul missions.