Zenyatta's First name

Not true in the Tracer / Widow animated short where Mondatta is killed we see an Omnic male and a human female getting all close like Amy wong and Bender. Something tells me their doing the intermechanical monster mash.



I meant a fully Omnic family. Cause if an Omnic marries a human with a first name and surname, then they can gain a surname that way. I meant Omnic-Omnic family.

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Is Zenyatta also a title? Or is it just straight up his name?

also was zenyatta ever a lawyer and if so can we get a skin of that

This is the most lore Zenyatta has ever received


Zenyatta Mondatta, anyone?

Zenyatta is his name referencing the police album Zenyatta Mondatta most likely

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What kind of title is it? Is it a generic title, like how a Male Christian Priest would be referred to as “Father”, or is it more related to Zen/Mondatta’s rank in the Shambali?

Contrary to popular belief… it’s not a first name.

If we assume they arrived at the title Tekhartha by combining Buddahs original name Siddhartha Gautama with Tek (technology) = Tekhartha we can assume it would be a very high thought of title within the Shambali assuming they earn this title after achieving enlightenment in the iris.

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Michael Chu back at it again.

My impressions of the Nepal map makes it seem like that would be where the Shambali omnic monks originate? I dont know if that’s been confirmed though.

Sounds like it could be the highest rank in the Shambali order, if it’s an honorary title granted to the highest ranked monks of the Shambali, such as Mondatta who’s the founding member of the Shambali and probably figured out a ranking system for the master/teacher and acolytes. Zenyatta too has this rank because Mondatta was probably his mentor as he personally misses Mondatta and he’s an enlightened master monk on his own right and who has/had other students besides Genji, qualified to teach the ideologies of the Shambali to his students.

Or it’s like buddha’s title siddharta gautama, granted to shambali monks when they reach enlightenment, aka become master monks. Which would put Zenyatta on the same level of enlightenment as Mondatta.

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Alright… This will be our only dose of Lore for another 4 months! gg wp

yep see you in next comic in 1 year

So, which one of you was a big enough fan of The Police to name Zenyatta and Mondatta?

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my special text

Orly? I had always assumed that it was a case of the surname being first as in many Asian cultures and that Mondotta had perhaps made that one up to give to all the Shambali or just specifically him and Zenyatta and maybe a few others. Now that we know this, it would be really interesting to hear about the specific meaning of this title and also what Zenyatta and Mondatta’s relationship was like (as well as what the other Shambali are like). Really, we just need another animated short covering the time before Zenyatta left the monastery to travel the world (including how Genji reacted since he seems to still be based there).