Zenyatta's Critical hit box needs a fix

Week 4.
Still getting ignored loving it. Zenyatta along with torb has by far the largest critical hitbox in this game when comparing the size of the critical hitbox and their player model to other characters. Zen’s specifically includes his shoulders, orbs around his neck and his head even area’s off his player model. Other character’s critical hit box hugs their heads. As a character with the most vulnerability his critical hit box shouldn’t be over sized.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Let’s get this fixed!


Zen is fine him being vulnerable makes up for his insane damage output and amazing ultimate. He’s already regarded as one of the best heroes for this reason, he doesn’t need any type of buff.


this isn’t a buff, it would be a fix. That is not good enough justification for his critical hit box being so large. Lucio, reaper and hanzo all got buffs they didn’t need and now doomfist is getting one. Just because he is considered the best when PLAYED properly doesn’t mean he should be the most flawed. I mean lucio got many buffs related to survivability and he didn’t need them. Junk rat got the buff to no longer do self damage because people cried about dying to them self more then anyone else. He shouldn’t have a oversized critical hit box because some people saw jjonak and decides its balanced. I mean zen got a nerf because of literally one player and they didn;t even balance it out. I mean they made him take a long time to charge and fire which now leaves him vulnerable for a longer time. They should have decreased his charge up time to make up for the length of time it takes to fire. They would have done this with literally any other hero. Genji got a crazy op buff, the only hero who can’t be cancelled during his type of ult while ulting, and during the ult when similar ults that leave you just as vulnerable can be cancelled, pharah, junkrat, road hog, reaper are just a few examples. So from a balance stand point, this doesn’t make sense. He is the most vulnerable by being the slowest with a huge normal hit box, correcting a hit box that when actually hit does more dmg is a big deal. He can be one shot if you shoot him anywhere above the shoulders so it s abig deal. Other wise by your logic genji should have a huge critical hitbox because he is considered one of the most annoying characters to play against. Making something unfair because of a opinion isn’t the right way to balance. However, that is how blizzard balances any how. Hanzo needed a secondary that wouldn’t instant kill so they give him a higher potential to do just that but on multiple targets.

Sorry, but no. Fixes can go hand in hand with also being a buff. If you made his critical box the size of his tiny head this would be a significant buff against flankers who are already in a bad spot in the current meta.

With your proposed ‘fix’ he’d most likely be nerfed to compensate for the power level increase. Be careful what you wish for.


Please use paragraphs how can you expect anyone to read this eyesore. But onto the point you’re trying to make, call it a fix all you want it’s still a significant buff to a hero that does not need buffs of any kind. Zen should not be getting 1 clipped unless they have so self awareness.

McCree’s hat is part of his critical hitbox too.

Can you attach images?

Also, it won’t really matter if they fix him or not since he’s meta and he already has a triangle hitbox which makes him easier to hit

I wouldn’t mind if they reduced it a bit. I always thought it was a bit ridiculous how Tracer can 1 clip him easier than any other character in the game, given his poor mobility.

Torb IS a critbox. Poor guy…

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Does this mean I can suggest even more Zenyatta nerfs?

Meh no.
Zen is now arguably the most balanced hero in the game along with soldier and as stated above, the hit box size makes up for his insane damage output.
Leave him as he is.

Apart from that; making it smaller also means YOU have a harder time killing him. How’s that for a change.


You know who else has insane damage output with a small hitbox?

  • Widow
  • Tracer
  • Hanzo
  • Doomfist

You know who has some of the least damage output but the biggest hitbox/critbox?

  • Winston
  • Dva

It’d be crazy if we used that as a barometer. To dictate whether high damage/high output heros should or should not have hitboxes/critboxes that reflect their in game model is kind of backwards. And if that really is your point, lets give the big body character smaller hitboxes and the smaller heros larger hitboxes. Only fair, right?

Right soooo the character with enough burst to kill, a debuff to kill faster , self heal and decent ammo is the most vulnerable target. That’s something new better make him less skill demanding then so you don’t have to go through the trouble of having to aim and shoot with the character.

Swap out Ana with Zen.

If you decrease Zenyatta’s weakness. His strength will be lowered to compensate.

It doesn’t matter if it’s mobility or hitbox tweaking. It will still make Zen’s only big weakness less exploitable.

If we look at the latter part of Geoff’s post. His weakness has not proven to be that detrimental to him being a strong Support.

So why is it necessary to buff it?

Personally, i think the statement in theory works, but in practice they don’t follow it completely.
The Hanzo changes covered his weaknesses, and his strengths. Wasn’t a part of his problem was that once he was jumped on, he had little mobility? well, that’s solved now. Meanwhile McCree’s place in the hero pool has been taken up by Hanzo and his strengths have not been buffed at all and probably won’t be for some time. McCree has actually been nerfed a few times for being too good with his strengths while still keeping the same negatives and mobility issues.
Then take a look at how they dealt with sombra’s Hack - that’s her main part of her kit and they nerfed that. The Hog hook combo, a strength which they nerfed.

EDIT: Even take a look at the latest Zen nerf with charged orbs. Volley orbs is a strength of his, but they still decided, as “one of the most balanced heros” to nerf that down.

Like I said, in theory its all cool to state it but then if you look at the actions they take, it doesn’t match.

In the case of Zen you can list out his weaknesses on paper but they don’t include “Has a huge hitbox that doesn’t match his in-game model”…because that strays into the territory of _“this character’s hitbox is actually incorrect”.
His weaknesses are: He has low HP, is a super low mobility support, can not self heal (only shield heal after 3 sec of no damage), and has more mechanical aim, which means, even if his hitbox/critbox was fixed, you still have an easier time killing him than he does killing you.

Lol, I have seen this post and they don’t actually follow their “beliefs”. They got rid of junkrats biggest weakness himself. They gave lucio loads of buffs he didn’t need and now he is one of the hardest heroes to hit seeing how he is the most mobile with the smallest hitbox for no reason. Genji got literally the most op buff in the game. Heroes like pharah, tracer, mccree, reaper, and roadhog plus a bunch more can all be cancelled during their ult anaimation and/or during the ult it self. The only way to cancel his is through his death, even though characters who must be just as vulnerable can just get stunned. Also, zen can get shoot off his model and it counts as a headshot, or his shoulders or orbs. Tracer who has one of the smallest critical hitboxes can one clip characters and yet her isn’t as bad. They need to be consistent. As a consumer i demand consistency. To have one character who is literally the most vulnerable with a critical hit box that covers the up half of their body is literally op. Mercy who has one of the best mobility ability in the game has literally one of the smallest critical hitbox along with hitbox. They wouldn’t have to debuff him in any way since they don’t do that to most of their characters. Hanzo literally just got 2 buffs for one nerf. Got rid of his scatter shot so they gave him a new ability along with a secondary mobility ability. If they followed their beliefs op hazno wouldn’t be a thing.

We’re past the 3 year anniversary, and 1 year has passed since this post, and Zen’s hitbox is still a damn joke

zen is fine and one of the most balanced hero’s we have, leave him be