Zenyatta nerf over Tracer, seriously?


Zen is being nerfed??? What? Just when I was in a good mood with the new avoid player feature.


ask the devs not me. I’m just a player who enjoys the most perfect character the game has to offer


“perfectly balanced”
does 200+ damage a clip with a lot of the shots missing


according to who, you? or the dev team. Are you saying they’re wrong? If so just stop playing the game lol


So does like…everyone else


It’s on the PTR. His volley fire rate was decreased.

It’s honestly not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. He’s still hella strong.


I asked a question in the first sentence. I don’t see an answer in your post…


The “nerf” is a 15% less firing speed on his alt fire. Which, keep in mind, still fires pretty fast and no other part of his kit was touched.

I know it’s more the principal of nerfing him than the actual nerfs that people complain about- like what happened with Sombra- but it isn’t hard to see why the nerfs came about and it doesn’t impact his playstyle all that much- just like with Sombra.


Perhaps ‘recall’ is what niggles some people. The fact, if timed well, it could be compared to something like Mercy’s resurrect.


Are you ignoring on purpose the fact that the topic is about Tracer not getting any changes when she is in fact the hero that is required in literally almost every comp and any meta and has no hard counters ? (please don’t tell me Mccree lol)
If the purpose is to get rid of dive why is Tracer still untouched while Zen is receiving a nerf even though he’s really far from having her carry potential ?


Yes and the most perfect character in the game is just way too strong i was comparing the both dps hero with eachother


To be fair, they added in a whole new hero as a direct counter to Tracer. So uhh, there’s that. The only bad part is that she’s not being added to comp for 'bout a month.


Tracer is difficult to nerf. Her kit is fragile. If you reduce anything on it, she could easily become trash


i seriously could not believe what i was reading when i got to the zen nerf in the patch note but there was no mention of tracer or genji… i’m seriously shocked.


perfectly balanced

Oh my friend you are so funny


lmfaoooo yeah yeah Brigitte “the hard counter” to Tracer. Just like Mccree right ? :slight_smile: Thanks for the good laugh dude.


Tracer wasn’t required in triple tank or beyblade. Zen was part of 3-3 tripletank and I guarantee he would’ve been a part of beyblade if Lucio and Ana weren’t the best supports in the game at that time.

Tracer now has a hardcounter in the form of Brigitte. You can rest easy.

You don’t need to be able to carry to be overpowered. This is a team game. Solo plays hold less importance.

If Tracer is actually in need of a nerf then we’ll see soon enough.


No problem, my guy :+1:


yeah I’m super shocked as well. I never thought he would be nerfed in any way. Just wow lol. Gotta protect those flankers Genji and Tracer, it was getting a bit too rough there for them


Stun -> flail -> whip shot = instakill Tracer.

Maybe try playing the game to learn how to use the counterplay available to you instead of playing forum warrior?