"Zenyatta is an off-support meant to deal a lot of damage."


it shouldn’t been buffed in a first place. He have decent primary attack, secondary supposed to be surprise-shotgun shot, not katyusha rocket launcher


Is that WITH discord? Because without, it only does 230 damage, and that’s only if all orbs hit the target.

Scatter got nerfed because people complained about it, despite its many many downsides.

Zen’s volley does max 230 without discord, and only if every orb hits the target.

The punishment is that Zen can’t send discord or harmony out while channeling volley. The punishment is that volley must be charged. The punishment is that players must predict and carefully aim volley to get the most out of it.

There is no “spamming” volley, but if you want to pretend you can “spam” volley, then you can also spam D.va rockets, helix rocket, Torb’s secondary, Ana’s dart/nade, etc.

I meant to write “secondary”, not primary.

Volley only does massive damage if every orb hits the target, which isn’t commonplace among the ranks the majority of players are in. And to do more damage than scatter, he’d have to hit every single orb on a discorded target.

Not sure what you’re trying to say here.


But his damage wasnt nerfed? Only the fire rate of it. He still dishes out lots of damage with his strong primary fire + discord orb

You’re just complaining because a healer got nerfed, move on boys.


The nerf affected his rate of fire, not the damage. It’s still the same


it does around 600 on a discorded target with 5 headshots. it’s really not hard to hit all 5 (majority headshots) on a large target like a tank, or a stationary target like a bastion. you can also cast discord immediately after volley and have it reach the target before the orbs if you’re far enough.

it was very unlikely that you were going to do the full 450 damage with scatter at any point during its lifetime, but it still got the axe.

orb volley got buffed a few times when zen wasn’t a very good pick. it used to do less damage, there was built in spread into the ability that was removed, and the “cooldown” on the ability was reduced by about half a second.


I’m complaining because a balanced hero got a nerf that was undeserved. Like, you’re aware virtually no one had complained about Zenyatta after his nerf, right? People only started whining when the nerf train barreled through Mercy, because they needed a new target.

I just quoted what Tom said.


This only means that it was barely impossible to avoid. With a slower rate, it’s easier to avoid.

Read the patch notes.


T500s had issues with orb volley. Pro players had issues with orb volley, you dont have to lie to make your argument sound reasonable. Also,
Unironically believing that Blizzard only nerfed Mercy because they’re on an anti-support hunt.

Wow, blizzard is now forbidden from nerfing supports because of Mercy, it seems.

Read patch notes. They’re not nerfing his damage, they’re nerfing his high fire rate so players have a reasonable chance to avoid being instagibbed by orb volley, but if they have the awareness of a potato, nothing actually changed.


I appreciate your sense of humor.

“Impossible to avoid”. Thanks for the chuckle.

Except Zenyatta’s volley is a projectile and any movement that you don’t expect from the enemy can screw everything up, and often does. Hitting every orb consistently is uncommon in ranks where the majority of the players are in.

Do you mean these:

  1. Alternate fire weapon damage increased from 35 to 40
  1. Orb of Destruction
    Damage has been increased from 40 to 46

Because this is all I see on the wiki that has affected his secondary.

Where did I say “supports don’t deserve to be nerfed”? Point it out to me.

I said “I’m complaining because a balanced hero got a nerf that was undeserved.” which means exactly what it says. Zenyatta was a balanced hero and is being nerfed despite not deserving it.

Pro players and the rest of the 1% had problems with volley, because, like, maybe, the Zenyatta players know how to play him at his best? It’s like professional American football player J complaining about being constantly outdone by his opponent A, who has more experience with the game than J. If a professional gamer has a lot of time on Zenyatta, if he mains Zenyatta, chances are he’s going to give everyone a hard time. The same can be said for most heroes.

Anyways, stop twisting my words. I’m not talking about the support class, I’m talking about balanced heroes in general. People want Genji nerfed because he’s supposedly op. Objectively, he’s not, and I constantly fight in anti-Genji threads because any nerf would be undeserved (fixing his deflect hitbox isn’t so much of a nerf as it would be a fix). Is Genji a support hero? :thinking: No? Well, gee, I guess that makes your assumption that I’m talking about the support class and only the support class… wrong.


such is the nature of a projectile. instadeleting someone is something that can and often does happen. it doesn’t matter at what tier it happens. i can only keep diamond on a good day and i’m telling you that it’s not all that uncommon to land a full volley on targets that are large and/or moving predictably - especially since discord gives you pseudo wall hacks.

again, all of what you’re saying also applies to scatter, and it still got the axe.

this, and also:

Patch: Weapon spread has been removed. (this only affects his secondary)
Alternate fire: Cooldown has been reduced from 1 seconds to 0.6 seconds


“Characters shouldn’t be able to one shot”

“This character should be able to one shot because it’s all he has”


People are scrambling to justify a nerf for something that was never an issue.

“Spamming right click” oh please. The volley was hardly a guaranteed kill, even with abilities like Sonic Arrow and Infrasight, you’d have to have the proper timing and aim to kill most heroes. Those orbs have to travel, and unless you’re knocking the hero in the head with all of them, they’re probably going to survive, especially if they’re on the move. Volley is hardly a reliable one-shot ability.

It isn’t really a reliable means of burst damage, either. Discord or not, Zenyatta can’t infinitely spam orbs like that. It has to charge, he has to aim, if he’s caught in the wrong place his reload time after using it is going to be the cause of his death.

Not that it’s really going to change much, other than the fact that I’m going to have to learn how to aim AGAIN (seriously please stop messing with his projectile speeds), but the fact that he was touched at all when it was entirely unnecessary is worrisome.

Zenyatta is perhaps the most balanced hero in the game and has been for a while. People ignored him until they found out he was useful in dive, and now suddenly he’s OP? Just because he sees professional play? Honestly, get the meta out of your eyes. Zen didn’t need any tweaking at all.


I know I’m a low-level noob but I’m a bit iffy about the comparisons to Scatter Arrow in this topic. Numbers aside, being one shotted by Zen is a rare occurance, compared to many, many, many scatter deathsplosions. Surely that can’t just be me.


thats why he is the number one support pick in OWL, because he is the MOST balanced. look, they made it a little harder to get free kill blindly firing and chokes and corners. deal with it and move on.

i swear zen mains are gonna be mercy mains 2.0.


ActivBlizz wants to push baguette and SUCC into pro play to watch how it affects on dive - my thoughts - it will be horrible, fat hp tracer and gengu with tank\support hero.


Yes, because being able to get easy kills by spamming through a choke point without even moving your mouse doesn’t justify even the slightest nerf.


But, but, but…they’re making him more…“skill based”…it’s best for the game



I mean, I’m a Zen main. I’m okay with the nerf. It was always ridic for Widows. They never know what happens with a full charged volley. xD


The nerf only affects Zenyatta at extreme ranges. At medium to close range, it makes absolutely zero difference.


It doesn’t though, they’re literally reducing the fire-rate by 15%, meaning in situations where you land the killing shot a fraction of a second before you die or a Sombra’s EMP goes off, this change will make a difference.