Zenyatta is a useless healer

The devs are constantly nerfing and toying with zenyatta altering his overall damage output and discord. But they haven’t done a single thing to change his healing. If you’re gonna nerf his damage then he needs to be a real healer. He does less healing than any other healer. Lucio does more healing per second and he does group healing. There are two ways to improve Zenyatta’s Orb of harmony. Either up the healing per second, OR you could give him another Harmony ball. Think about it every other healer either heals one person by alot or they do group healing, meanwhile Zenyatta does the least amount healing and can only target one person. Give him another Healing orb

sry m8 wot. he does a ton of damage. and has an ult that does upwards of 200 heals per second. no need to change him.

His ultimate is literally a crap ton of healing.

why is this even in bug report

Try not feeding :slight_smile:

Isn’t this the bug report forums? Also the role is called support not healer. Also Zen is very powerful. The amount of times I have lost a fight due to a good discord orb is insane. Zenyatta is being nerfed for a reason.