Zenyatta desperately needs a healing buff


Yea, I’m proposing that direct heals (not aoe heals) should cleanse DoT.


Well zen really isn’t made to heal through that much damage. Or any damage really. It should be the job of your “main” healer to help people survive through that, no?


Actually… the support tier list is more like this…

  1. Zen
  2. Ana & Brig
  3. Lucio
  4. Moira & Mercy


The problem is 25% vs 75% the match off vs genji, sombra and tracer. You are saying something similar to

You should OUTPLAY guile in Street fighter with zangief. Maybeeeeeeeeeee 25% of the time you can with brutal hours of training and devotion but other 75% they will destroy you playing casual


There are main healers and there are secondary healers, Zenyatta, Lucio and Brigitte are secondary healers.


Moira is the strongest burst Healer of this game. She can DPS perfectly fine 1 vs 1 most of the flankers. She have a tool for escape and her only weak thing is the ultimate.

Ana is the second best healer of the game. With AoE abilities, a good ultimate, decent survavility self grenade and with good mechanicals she can DPS as well

Lucio and Mercy both are viable because their mobility. Guardian angel and speed boost are enough to keep them safe of Genji, Tracer and sombra some seconds more.

Brig: Pre nerf she was on pair with Moira on S tier but now she is not that great anymore. Wait for the new patch and she will be even worse

Zeny: The character works on E-Sport because the amount of coordination and scrims these guys do but on the real OW. He is horrible. Flankers farm him very easy genji, tracer, sombra etc. He ask for a brutal amount of mechanicals giving back poorly results.

Discord orb and the ultimate are not enough reason to bring him over a Moira or Ana when these characters are a lot more consistent and can defend better against flankers

So for me Zeny is hand downs the WORSE healer on OW and i should pick him as Third-DPS example:

Rein, Zarya, Genji, Zeny, Moira and Ana. Using him as 3 dps


If I could choose to play every game against Tracer+Genji and never have to play against Ashe, I would. They’re really not as problematic as you make them out to be, but it is definitely a skill matchup to defend yourself properly against them. Neither Genji/Tracer ever make Harmony Orb feel inadequate at the very least


How you defend of 3700 Master Tracers one cliping you and 3700 Masters genji doing shuryken + slash + mele combo instant destroying you or a sombra camping outside of the spawn to hack you and one clilping you?

Like i said is a 25% vs 75% match go to FFA and test foryouself how many times you will beat these 3 characters in 1 vs 1


If you land your shots, the matchups vs Tracer/Genji/Sombra are all very reasonable. It takes a lot of awareness and good positioning to have more favorable engagements, but it’s definitely reasonable once you’ve practiced enough.

I usually warm up doing FFA and don’t play competitive until I’ve won 2-3 in a row. I’m very confident in my matchup against Tracer especially - she’s actually quite easy to kill so long as you’re able to land a discorded headshot. The trick against Tracer is to not be overly reliant on right-clicks and to utilize melee as a finisher.

IMO the only thing that Zen needs to be properly balanced is just a smidge more healing, and probably done so in a way that heals secondary targets a lesser amount


Don’t touch zenny!

Any kind on buff will makes him being nerfed.


Not quite. Your job is to get the enemy team killed faster, swing duels, and build transcendence. Dealing with dynamite is not really part of that.


Don’t buff Zen.

He is good.

Just not that good in Deathball. (outside of Zen Goats)


At least at the highest level of play, Zenyatta is probably the single most impactful and best hero in the game bar none and has been for years. He’s spent more time in the meta than such heavy hitters as Mercy, Widow, and Tracer.

He’s probably overpowered, quite frankly, not underpowered.


Yeeeeeaaah no.

Zen has damage potential comparable with the strongest dps. One of the best utility ability in the game that gives your entire team increased damage on a single target of his choosing and the most powerful support ultimate in the game.

You could remove the harmony orb from his kit and he’d still see active play in pro play.