Zenyatta desperately needs a healing buff


This current meta leaves Zenyatta feeling inadequate - even if you’re playing Zenyatta perfectly, it’s really hard to prevent your teammates from taking too much damage, and so it feels like you’re at a constant disadvantage healing-wise. Things like Ashes dynamite deal such significant AOE damage that it’s very easy to end up a situation in which perfect harmony management isn’t nearly enough and you’re left playing heals catch-up simply because of teammates taking far too much damage. I keep finding myself abandoning Zen for Lucio simply to have the aura heals to combat dynamite specifically. Has anyone else been feeling super inadequate as a healer while playing with Zen lately?

Here are some potential ideas I have on how Zen can be balanced:

  • Double Harmony Orb - when moving orb, either produce a 2nd orb or re-assign the first orb
  • Discord life drain - convert discord damage to life gain that’s distributed between Zenyatta and the Harmony target
  • Increase Harmony heals per second by 7-10
  • Linked Harmony Aura - closest ally around Harmony target get 12-15 heals per second

Thoughts on these concepts? Personally I think the best mechanic change would be to add life steal


I do think that dynamite presents problems because it’s so easy to get tons of value out of it. I think if you get any direct healing (Moira left click, Ana left click, mercy beam, harmony orb, or armor pack, it should immediately remove the DoT effect of dynamite.

I disagree that Zen’s healing is inadequate in general though. He’s not supposed to outheal damage, he’s supposed to top squishies off so they can do their thing.


Zenyatta is S-Tier what do you mean?


Zen is one of the strongest heroes in the game. Buffing him would be ridiculous.


Zenyatta recently replaced both Ana and Moira’s spots in the meta recently. The last thing the game needs right now is a buff to Zenyatta’s orb of harmony healing.


It’s true that zen harmonizes well with goats, but it has nothing to do with orb of harmony.


It’s because of his discord orb. But discord orb has been an indispensable part of many different metas for 2 years now. Discord orb is the reason why orb of harmony’s healing is relatively low


Agreed, and I hope it stays that way.


Zen has Discord orb.


If you buff that, people will cry that he’s OP and then Blizzard will nerf something different like his damage.
Zen is fine how he is. No changes needed.


Hmmmm… It’s really specifically against Ashe that I have that most issues, and that’s when Ashe is landing multiple-target dynamites that simply exhaust healing resources. Perhaps it’s dynamite that needs to be nerfed and I’m just looking at this wrong?


Sure, let’s increase it to 40 and ignore the fact that there would only be a 10 hps difference between him and Mercy, who has less range, less damage, and can’t multitask. :wink:


These are awesome ideas and I was gonna make a post about Zen harmony orb buffs too but the only problem is that Zen just doesn’t need them; he’s already strong enough.


Zen was nerfed a while ago because of JJoNak. Why would they want to buff zen? Also, zen is the best flex support hero ingame. His kit is one of the best ingame so a buff would simply make him a must pick since discord orb, trans and his m1 and m2 are already really powerful.


The DoT effect of dynamite needs to be removed immediately upon any direct healing.


Yea the DOT on dynamite is the real problem


I would like an Idea of Zenyata getting 2 orbs to use, he can have either healing or damaging, or both healing/damaging, this way he can take away his damaging buff for extra healing, or take away his healing for more offense opening up his playstyle.


He need a “Mobility ability”. For me he is the WORSE healer hands down

My personal healer tier list:

S tier = Moira
A tier = Ana
B tier = Lucio and Mercy
C tier = Brig
D tier = Zeny

Without mobility he is very easy to kill. Winston, Dva, Genji, Sombra, Tracer, make him unplayable and his ult is not ready every 10 secs


(Getting direct healing doesn´t remove the DoT effect, you just keep your teammate alive and out-heal the DoT. As soon as you stop healing while the effect is still going on, the teammate gets damage again. Only a healthpack removes the effect immediately.)


Nah - that’s just the trade off of playing Zen. You need to outplay flankers, and it’s just part of the character. I wouldn’t say Zen is in need of any extra offensive / mobility capabilities. I just think he needs a minor tweak to get heals to a more reasonable place… nothing extreme at all.