Zenyatta buff: third ability suggestion

Since Overwatch 2 I’ve been maining Zenyatta, and since my 92 Hours of play.
I can say this character needs a slight buff.

Why: When a Zenyatta is being focused by a DPS/Tank, he is very likely to getting killed in the next 3 seconds.
Most healers have movements abilities that makes them hard to kill, but Zenyatta is the only one that can only defend himself. That forces Zen to remain on a safe position because any risks taken would get him killed very easily.
However Zenyatta have very weak healing that is compensate by the fact he protects his teammates by attacking and covering them. But the fact he shoots projectiles forces him to be on closer range, otherwise he won’t hit most of his bullets.
But IF he goes on closer range he will probably be killed.
This isn’t absolutely right but most of the times when a teamfight is lost because of a Zenyatta it’s for one of those facts.

So: that’s why I think he needs a buff, which would result in a third ability:
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When used, Zenyatta gains 25 overhealth HP and the ally who has the Harmony orb gets 50HP healed and an extra 25 overhealth HP.
The overhealth hp would last 4 seconds.
The cooldown of the ability would be 12 seconds.

The ability isn’t too significant and it would allow him to survive a bit more and improve his very low Healing.

Thx for reading this btw ^^

This admittedly isnt a bad idea for an ability for a flank-supporter.