Zen's nerf really?


dudes… you are nerfing Zen due to he does too much damage for a support, but want to buff symmetra???
i found 0 logic in this arguments


Zen is effectively a support with an insta-kill, which pros considered a little too strong. Symmetra, on the other hand, has basically a 0% pickrate at high levels.

A decent Zen has far more damage output than even the best Symmetra.


Who cares about the pros whining? They’re less than 1% of the population. Yeah he has an insta kill in ideal situations (a perfect shot) , so does Widow, Lucio , Road hog , Orisa etc. etc.

The tight bead on the right mouse was often my teams main defense against Widows and Pharah

He’s already the hardest character in the game, but like with Genji the people that can bring the ruckus with those character have to earn it.

All this nerf does is make the character less viable for players under Master (which I think is most of 'em). Fun should be paramount. Yeah it sucks to be wrecked by a Zenyatta, though less and far less frequently than the other one shots in the game. With Zen you know if they can do it, they’ve earned it.


Actually, lower level players mostly use primary fire, while at high levels you’ll run into zens who almost solely use alt-fire. So this nerf primarily affects top tier players (who complained) without significantly affecting mid- or low- tier players (who didn’t complain).


Thank you. Who cares about the 1% Zen was just fine for the rest of the field.


even then, I don’t think this is gonna kill Zen’s usage, the best parts of his kit are still there.


The argument that only higher tier players use secondary frequently just aint true. They can fix (Not that anything needed to be fixed) the sniping potential in other ways instead of hurting his ONLY defense against flankers. The fact that you dont get peels in lower tier Zen play means that this will mean more to lower tiers and not top tier.

This is from a player that just started comp play btw so I take these observations directly from lower tier Zen play.


I don’t think nerfing his sniping potential is the answer considering Zenyatta becomes a lot more fragile the closer you get to him because of how slow he moves and his giant hitbox.