Zen/Mercy buffs

Zen definitely needs a buff, he’s almost never picked because 30/sec just isn’t enough on top of how easy he is to kill. I think making his pocket 50/sec would be enough to make him viable, no other changes. With all the heal nerfs that came through, it’s pretty rare that it’s a good idea to pick a support that heals so little, because your other support can’t take up as much of the slack as they could before.

The way the game is playing after all the heals nerfs that came through a few months ago, you need to be dealing damage as a support in addition to keeping your team up, and Mercy doesn’t do that. It seems broken that she heals less than Moira, who can also clean up kills at the same time, and who also has a really good escape tool. And her damage boost is less good than Zen’s discord orb, which effectively buffs your whole team against a particular (and easily switchable) enemy. Basically everything she can do except res can be done better by another support. I think buffing her beam to 70/sec would be enough by itself, or else her damage boost to 50% so it’s actually worth (If you’re a good shot it’s currently better in most cases to whip out your pistol than to damage boost a teammate.)


The buffs you are saying shouldn’t even be considered. Mercy already outheals all of the support line up besides Moira, what she really needs is some kind of burst to keep up with big pushes which could be introduced to her reload button. Also, buffing Mercy’s blue beam to 50% would make her a nanoboost and her valk a flying orisa ult, which is stupidly op.

Furthermore, buffing Zen’s orb to 50hps is just dumb, the healing output of a Mercy in an orb that has a range of 30meters and indefinite duration. Zen needs his discord back to 30% maybe, but he just isnt favorable because Lucio’s speed is crucial for Reinhardt engages.


Mercy doesnt out heals Moira, Baptist and Ana on high ranks. Look at stats before spreading misinformation on the foruns.


Did it ever occur to you that zens healing was so low because of his insane damage output, and ult that has the highest healing potential in the game?

Touch zen and he becomes the most broken support in the game, his counters have just added up to make him a bad pick against most comps.

not near always but when she does its mostly because she holds MB1 90% of match.

unlike others who can actually do stuff other than not heal entire game.

if other healers spent as much time healign as her they;'d surpass her.

or valk as her E and a short duration.

the least changed hero in the games history.

he is one of the healthiest heroes in game.

moderate heals, discord is a team wide dmg buff (since it effects target not an all), and has lethal dmg for a support (b4 moira/brig zen was the support that scared tracers)

and his biggest thing is…he can do all of it at once.

Mercy is probably the worst healer in the game right now. She is never played at the high ranks for a variety of reasons.

Mercy suffers from a lot of problems but her main issue is she is so dependent on your team being good. If you team plays well she can flourish, if your team is in need of carrying she can’t really do a lot, other than maybe get a res off.

Compare that to say a moira that can be silver damage while having gold healing and pick off 20-40% hp heroes like mcree, soilder, genji etc… very easily mind you. Then you have Ana and Brigitte that can cc stun or sleep an enemy ult being an instant game changer and just win right there. Mercy does have a powerful ability to res but it’s coupled with an extremely deadly cast time where more often than not, even at diamond/masters where I play it’s very hard to get off.

Baptist and zen can get picks too which can turn the tide, or lucio with a game saving beat drop, also btw lucio has one of the highest healing meters in the game if your team plays grouped most of the game.

I’d like personally to see a buff to Mercy’s ult, maybe her res under ult is instant. She still would be pretty garbage after that buff but it would make her somewhat enjoyable. Also that is another fact, most people who play support feel that Mercy is by far the most boring healer to play. I disagree personally but that is another slant out there against her.

Idk why, but most of the times i play in QP as ana, my team 2nd healer is zen. Rarely moira, mercy or baptiste.

Zen is too vulnerable! His hitbox is as big as torbiorn’s but torbiorn haz additional armour and overload. In low ranks any flanker can easy defeat him beacause teammates are too busy with ‘pushing’. Ana has a little bit better situation due to her sleepdart and nade.

Mercy outhealing is the other main supports is a kinda misleading statement.

You aren’t technically wrong. A lot of games, Mercy outheals Ana, Moira and Baptiste, however its not due to the numbers, it’s due to Mercy’s consistency that she outheals them. Ana, Moira and Baptiste have to rely on cooldowns and reloads/resources and aim to heal, where Mercy has none of these to effect her healing. It’s a constant, 50hp/s beam on a generous range and, to an extent, ignores line of sight assuming you don’t stay behind cover for too long. So Mercy’s healing uptime is almost always constant, only switching to damage boost or rez.

If they added some way to make her healing less consistent, like having her beams hp/s lower the longer you have it attached as an example, Mercy could easily have her healing increased. While I agree 70hp/s is ridiculous even were such a feature like I suggested ever implimented, her old 60hp/s could work, having it lowered to 50 after X amount of time of healing the same target. This could be a lengthy or short time, depending on whether or not Blizzard intend to keep Mercy as a mainly dps orientated supporter or a general healer as to not make healing tanks a chore for one, or pocketing her dps ally a chore on the other. So a balance would need to be found, but it’s doable, assuming Blizzard dedicate the time to it.

Adding a burst heal to her could also help solve this issue as well, and is the simpler and quicker fix to Mercy’s lackluster general healing in a team fight as she doesn’t have anything else really to do during the midfight other than damage boosting and maybe rezzing someone, if it’s even worth rezzing. So a burst heal would tackle two birds with one stone: Addressing her non-existent midfight and her lower than average healing as a main support.

But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard intends to do with her, if anything. Hopefully though, this week of her being banned will show them that teams rely on her too much for her rez and will give her power elsewhere.