Zen might be removed next

If you do his charge up shot and right before he fires, you emote and his orbs will start shooting like a minigun.

Edit: its an old bug, found out it wasnt a new one.

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How is this still a thing

It was in ow1 aswell

Edit it doesnt work. What are you going on about


Sounds busted. I know what I’m doing when I get home!


Did you do the default emote?

no no no no no no zen is the only guy making me play support no nono

Lmao, that reminds me of the 100000000% gamemodes where you could charge his orbs and itll shoot out forever.

In all seriousness, holy flip, the game is filled with even more bugs i didnt even know about :skull:

Where did you see this? Did you do it yourself? Can you provide a replay code? I just tried it and it doesn’t work.

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I saw a few fast clips on tiktok and youtube shorts

Was it in overwatch 2 and can you link one of the vids

I tried linking them, but apparently doesnt allow me to link tiktok or youtube shorts on forums, but ill look

You cant post links. Just remove the periods with a different punctuation

Doesn’t work. Someone tried to do it

I am trying to replicate what you are saying, but it does not work. I charge the orbs and smash the emote key (default emote) to make him emote right before he fires, but he just fires his 5 orbs. I tried pressing the key at the exact moment, and it does not work either.

If it works, then it is too hard to do it, so it is not necessary to remove Zen like the others.

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Yeah it was a bug like 2 years ago that got patched.
I’ve tried every method of emoting after charging it and it doesn’t work.

I`m not a programmer but how can it be that the OW2 version of most heroes which didnt even got any changes from OW1 seem to be more buggy than before?

Still not letting me post it.

But people might be right, it mightve been right saying its old, i never really paid much mind to it since i was skipping through them.

So you just mindlessly post stuff to the forums like all the other bots. Got it

I got zen to animation cancel the actual motion of shooting the last 2/3 orbs, but it isnt machine gun mode

Or i made a mistake and thought it was a new one, and wanted others to know.

If you’re going to report a bug or attempt to inform people about a bug you should know what you’re talking about. Just saying

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