Zen damage orb needs retuning

25% damage boost for the entire team is kinda wild not gonna lie.

In OW1 you could at least make the argument that he needed the discord to defend himself from divers & flankers. In OW2 though he has a kick boop and self heal out of combat. I think it would be reasonable to scale that damage boost back to like 15%. Its still effective without being nuts.

Devs please i’m begging you :pray:


Its as if Overwatch players hate each and every ability that can counter them.


I see nothing on this forum have changed, we are still going round robin trying to nerf each support hero and eventually returning back to healing in general and the train starts again. Bloody hilarious.

Its also as if certain overwatch players lack the discernment to determine when something’s overtuned or not.

People on this forum literally defended launch brigitte, so i rarely take anything said here seriously when it comes to balance. Here’s some news for you though. Supports can be overtuned too.


There’s a difference between counter and gameplay prevention.

Discord is overtuned af.


I’m extremely confident that you’ll label “gameplay prevention” as anything that counters you. Discord can’t prevent your gameplay because you can still play while discorded. Several characters can still block damage while discorded, dodge while discorded, and much more.

But its extremely useless for me to argue because the main argument against discord is “I got discorded and died. This shouldn’t be. Nerf Zenyatta.” You can’t argue with that because its not a rational argument.


We need to compensate him if Discord is nerfed, like make his hitbox smaller or make him faster.

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Not every nerf needs a compensation buff.

Zen will still be capable of dueling squishies that dive him even if his orb does 15% damage shred instead of 25%. He still has boop kick & self heal. His team will still be able to quickly eliminate discorded targets, the ttk will just be a bit longer.

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I feel like it would be a bad time for him, especially if he’s being targeted by tanks. Discord really is his only ‘get off my’ attack he has to fend off flankers. I don’t know how bad it would be if you tone down his attack, but he’s a pretty slow guy with a wide hitbox. :woman_shrugging:


That’s not true. Like I said, Zen has a boop on his melee attack which is a good “get off my back” tool, and the OW2 passive gives him self-heal out of combat. When played well, Zen orb + focus fire will obliterate most tanks before they can even reach him in the backline.

I actually don’t play Tank very often. I’m a Tracer, Ana, Echo, and Lucio main. I barely ever get Discorded.

The reason I call it gameplay prevention is simple. If a Tank stays Discorded they die, VERY fast. Tanks aren’t meant to go down that quickly. It removes the possibility of doing what they’re supposed to and taking space for good. Anti forces you to fall back for three seconds. Discord becomes a “Kill Zen or lose” game.

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i believe it does need retuning, it’s genuinely overtuned. it should be 15% ONLY on tanks, but 25% for everybody else. maybe even cut the duration of LoS of discord too.

but he DOES need buffs to compensate for it, in which i say either

  • 25 extra shields
  • skinnier hit box
  • damage on orbs increased to 49 from 48

rq not all at once

the reason why he would need buffs is because, whether you like it or not, he is only picked for discord. if you nerf discord then there’s no point in picking him. he’s a glass cannon, so that’s why he has strong utility but super weak survivability.


You know what? I don’t accept this reason anymore. Tanks have multiple ways to mitigate damage, and shouldn’t get to play for free. Tanks should have to contend with discord, and why not? Sigma can DM and shield, Rein can shield and use cover, and other tanks can do similar things.

If you tank is pinned down by discord, which they aren’t and will never be, but if you think they are. Kill Zenyatta. YOU shoot him. YOU stop his discord, and stop complaining.

You tell me one reason why this is a bad thing. I guess I was wrong when I thought the whole game was “Stop the enemy or lose”. Name one hero in the game where you can win without dealing with them.



They need to nerf mercy dmg boost if they nerf zen.

If you don’t want to play mercy and you need dmg boost to play against a team that has a mercy….

Zen is your only option.

Yes. Both need to go. Thought everyone agreed on this.

Ok but that doesn’t mean that you need to have a +25% damage amp for your entire team going at all times in order to compete with Mercy. Just 15% should be plenty.

Discord as it is now practically allows Zen to give a +25% damage boost for every single member of your team for as long as you have LoS which is kind of insane. Follow up damage at +15% dmg amp will still shred a discorded target. Skilled Zen players can still duel discorded flankers and squishies, especially with the addition of boop kick to peel for yourself. It just makes the ttk a little more reasonable.

Damage mitigation means nothing to Discord and it’s primarily on characters that aren’t affected by Discord too.

Is a poke Tank and will never be affected by Discord. The reason being Zen isn’t viable in Dive comps against a good team.

Reins shield is paper and using cover like that defeats the point of his kit. Rein isn’t supposed to take cover like that. He balances his large health pool with his shield. Discord removes that possiblity.

Right, and if your team isn’t a comp made to deal with that? No character should force an entire team to swap. That means the character is too impactful and therefore a problem. And Tanks can’t kill Zen because he’s too far in the backline. Common sense isn’t so common, ig.

Because it’s a single character that doesn’t have to outskill the enemy team. If a character is so strong the game hinges on them being alive or not there is a clear problem with that character.

Name one hero you have to focus out instantly or lose by default. Besides Zen.

See, these conversations are very telling. What rank are you, on your main and on Tank? How often do you play Tank? I’m curious about both.

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No compensation buff needed. He’s overpowered. Imagine if we buffed launch Brig solely because she was nerfed. That would leave her overpowered, just in another way. The problem wouldn’t be fixed.

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I wouldn’t say that Zen is overpowered, but the damage amp is just a bit crazy.

Well zen may need that actually. Mercy is way more versatile than zenyatta. Not only that she has Rez. Way more survivable and the dps receiving the pocket doesn’t need as much co-ordination to change ttk values.

If zen is nerfed hard mercy will have no counter play. And players will be forced to mirror.

Perhaps they could give zen %30 dmg boost he could apply to 1 player and Rez… with a movement ability then he still could be a viable alternative to mercy