Zen being nerfed in the wrong way


The only thing this nerf is going to change is his consistency, he’s just going to be more inconsistent after this nerf.

The only reason he is picked is for discord, outside of that there isn’t much to his kit. His healing isn’t good, his ult can be killed through by the majority of dps and is outshined by Beat Drop in every way. His damage is the only thing good about him, but projectiles aren’t exactly consistent, this is just going make him more inconsistent.

Bad healing, average damage, below average ultimate, and no survivabiltiy. Not the right way to nerf him.


They nerfed zen? Why?


Can you please give an example in what way is he gonna be inconsistent?


Slower projectile speed on his alternative fire. Slow projectiles are inconsistent.


…But that’s not what’s being changed. The only thing that’s being changed is his ability to charge up another volley after firing the first one. It’s only gonna be slightly slower before he can start again


No, the projectile speed is the same. The fire rate has been reduced only for his secondary fire.

This is to help prevent the easy kills obtained by spamming through a choke point from a long range without moving your mouse.


His ult is way better than Drop the beat. It is instantly activated and can’t be interrupted during casting. And only a Hanzo/widow headshot on a squishy or a few ults are able to outdamage its healing.


Or an Ana nade followed by literally anything, but yeah.


zen’s damage is fantastic and his ultimate is a top 3 ult