Zarya's right click nerf

You have two inaccuracies in your post. It doesn’t really affect her ult at all, because the enemies will be grouped tighter than a 2 meter radius circle (they’ll even be within a 1m radius tbh), and you’ll have high charge at that point so you’ll be closer to 2m than 1m. So it doesn’t affect her damage against a grav.

Also, her beam got buffed against armor, not nerfed.

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What does damage being reduced entail I wonder.

That is in lieu of the current methodology, where the beam’s damage packets were individually affected by armor, resulting in sometimes 50% damage deductions. It’s a buff dude.

Do you have the formula? I could go for some math.

When I read 20% damage reduced against armor, I assume that the damage is REDUCED AGAINST ARMOR.

However if the system is being calculated differently, that’s another story. As it stands by my knowledge, the only way for this to be a buff, is by the entire system’s calculations changing.

I just spent a few minutes searching and couldn’t find it. Someone laid out the math the other day. I do know this is a replacement of the old system. Winston against armor damage is way up now, Symm is pretty flat, I can’t remember Zarya’s numbers. But it’s not just what it is today + an additional 20% nerf.

Not solid enough. I need data.

I understand damage order calculation has changed, which makes all additive removed first from damage. This does directly impact BRIG armor calculation, to be removed first, which makes for an interesting dynamic shift in the games WITH Brig.

Other than this, I’m unaware of any major damage calculation shifts that have happened recently.

Here’s the post about Symmetra. It doesn’t give Zarya’s numbers, but explains that it is indeed a new system.

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It also says Sym’s damage is reduced against armored health pools.

That’s true for Symm. It basically comes down to how many damage packets, and how big the damage packets are, per hero. So Symm got a slight reduction in damage at high charge. Winston, since his damage packets were so small, they were 50% reduced before, so it’s a big buff for him.

Like I said, I can’t remember Zarya’s numbers but wanted to show you that it’s not an additional 20% from what it is today, it’s a replacement.

Linear beam type
4.75 - 9.5 damage per round

As per original calculations.

Round does not mean tick

Linear beam type
4.75 - 9.5 damage per round
95 - 190 damage per second
20 rounds per second

Using those numbers, old armor reduction would be max( 9.5-5, 9.5*.5) = max( 4.5, 4.75) = 4.75 (i.e. it used to be a 50% reduction against armor)

Now it would be a flat 20% reduction, which is a decent buff. Please correct my numbers if wrong.

edit: this assumes the 9.5 is the damage packet size, idk if that’s right though.

Where and when did they say they removed the original armor calculation?

It’s not a -20% damage as a replacement formula, it’s a -20% damage as an additive it seems. The notes need to clear this up, if I’m wrong. So more like -20% damage off the already calculated damage.

So if it does 5 armor, it loses 1 point and becomes 4.

At least that’s how I think this is worded. Some genuine clarity might help shed some light on this.

It MIGHT be even worse, where the armor is calculated AFTER the reduction. So say a 5 damage hit becomes a 4 before armor calculation.

“Beam-type damage is now reduced by 20% when hitting armor”
To me it seems like a shift in damage, instead of an additive (ironically, negative).

I get that the language is misleading, but it’s a new system not an addition to the old. Just from playing Winston on PTR the difference is massive and this can be confirmed.

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Well that’s good for Winston. I love playing Winston.

Seeing him a must pick again would be incredibly fun.

Someone did the math for the armour changes:

It does look like a very -clear- nerf, but you guys can stay positive all you want.

This along with the damage splash area reduction are signficant nerfs for Z this season. I think that its a bit rough to have both of these changes… but has Zarya ever really got a buff ?

  • Nerfed bubble boop protection.
  • Nerfed bubble charge against fire-strike.
  • Nerfed graviton radius.
  • “Buffed” reduced discharge rate (Was this really ever a problem ?)
  • Nerfed damage against armour
  • Nerfed Right click splash size.

I guess the only thing left is to reduce the left click beam distance, cmon blizzard you know you want to. Drop it to 5 meters. Make Z entirely useless in the upcoming meta.

Additionally, it also doesn’t seem that her beam is affected by Baptiste damage field. Why… Because she’s part of goats.

Beams are not affected either amplification matrix and defense matrix. They only affect projectiles (hitscan or not).

Indeed it is a change. I think Geoff Goodman posted their intentions to change armor-beams interaction sometime after the first armor nerf. He used the term channeling weapons, like Moira’s and Winston’s one, not only beams.

Most Tank damage is far too high for their survivability - and has been for a while. Zarya’s AoE damage becomes incredible at charge, and Rein’s AoE swings and one-shot charge kills have long both been overwhelmingly powerful, resulting in today’s GOATS comp. Both of them also have ults that allow them to take dramatic advantage of those AoE effects, making them considerably better killers in the game these days than most of the actual DPS.

The rodent at least has the decency to limit his DPS to short, intense bursts rather than inexorably burning down entire teams at once the way the two main tanks do these days.