Zarya needs a nerf

Zarya has high output dmg potential, a good ult and a bit of shield, but:

  • she relies on her teammates to get charged (specially on having a Rein on her team)
  • she has no mobility
  • she has no armour
  • she doesn’t make crits (headshot)

I think she’s balanced.

Anyway, we only see Zarya played on comp when Rein is played.

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why compare her to sym? a dps who the community again and again agrees to be weak? compare her to other tanks and she’s right in her lane. strong dps, in exchange to weaker tanking capabilities. the only tank with arguably lower tanking is hog (who has better cc and self sustain), and hammond (who has waaay better mobility, and also has better cc as well). these latter two also have equal fire power than zarya under different context (hog having better burst damage, and hammond having better range)


Uh that is a no, stop your crying about tanks. Sym does the same damage powered up as Zarya also Zarya has to work to get damage powered up and Sym does not have to do anything beside holding down a button. BTW they both have the same range. Not trying to be toxic here mate but you need to go back to OW school before you post stuff and look dumb.

If we start overestimating how much it takes for Sym to get value and start underestimating how hard it is to be full charged with zarya and pull off your weight, defend your main tank and not die then yeah, sure, she “needs” a nerf.

In reality? no, she doesn’t. Reasons listed by Spirit.

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Its Zarya.
Symmetra has 12 meters range meanwhile Zarya has 15.

Not trying to be toxic here mate but you need to go back to OW school before you post stuff and look dumb.

Symmetra actually has 195 dps at max charge.

It’s so hard to reach max dammage with Sym while Zarya is stupid op.

when did it change??

Zarya has been on my mind a while as a character that’s just overperforming in their role.

Ever since they buffed her energy decay she has been a much bigger threat and I think the fact she appears so readily in the meta is no coincidence.

I don’t think she’s too far ahead after her last few nerfs but I think ultimately she’s still able to output a tiny bit too much damage.

I was originally thinking they might do something like cap her energy bonus so that her maximum potential damage is reduced, this would weaken her role in high energy games without devastating her in low energy games but I’m not so sure anymore that’s what they would try.

Now I’m more inclined to believe they might do to her left click the same thing they did to her right click. Reduce how wide the beam gets on high charge and how small the beam is on low charge.

I think they might go with a change like that as it would still allow really good Zarya’s to keep doing the work they are doing but at the same time it would make her slightly less effective against DPS when on high charge and slightly more forgiving on low charge.

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It’s always been 195. They just accidentally told us the wrong numbers on the rework forums.

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More whining because people think tanks should only be defensive bots

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It’s funny because no one wants to play tanks already. Let’s make the role even more miserable!

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you know tanks are superior right now.

I personally don’t have problems against Zarya at my rank but I understand that she can be a problem for higher ranks players.
I watched the OWL and I realised how stupid she can be :

  • She has the stupidest ult in the game that pretty much requires the other team to have a defensive ult to maybe hope to survive

  • Her bubbles are for some reason absolute. Even Winston’s attack can’t go through it. You wanted to kill that out of position Rein ? Well that’s too bad because he just received a divine shield just like in Hearthstone.

  • She seems to be possibly the main reason why GOATS is so dominant. Why would you use DPS when you have a 400HP tank that can pretty much do their job while protecting her teammates ?

Like I said, I don’t encounter good Zaryas at my rank (and thank God for that) so she seems like a high skill hero but she also looks like hell incarnate to deal with at high ranks.


In a comp no one actually plays below the two highest ranks

Zipperman? More like…

Sticky Fingers.

Lmao gotem.


im copyrighting you.

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It doesn’t matter. People don’t want to play them. I’m literally begging for people to tank in my games. People don’t want to get CC’d all day. They don’t want the responsibility of protecting and leading the team.

She has a low damage setup ultimate, the entirety of its power relies on team coordination or team wipe capable DPS ults. Toning down certain DPS ults is the answer.

Because they are extremely limited in time (2 seconds) and scope (200 damage or a single burst hit).

You know how many people still do that.
I played with someone who thought you had to shoot it. (They were new)
But still there are enough projectiles in this game which feed her charge all the time
Dva, tracer, junk bombs. Things you can’t stop shooting like hanzos ult which is just a charge farm