You're not helping Symmetra

Personally I have no issues hitting targets with my primary fire.

If I want to aggressively push doing so with a tank in front of me works well, Reinhardt is particularly helpful.

I can also use my teleporter in a similar way to how a good reaper player will use Shadow step to gain ground. Place it in a spot where the enemy doesn’t have direct line of sight with it, Spots vary on different maps and positions on the map.

Also when I get to a point and lock it down with my team and turrets the enemy will come to me, I just need to have a teleporter setup so if I am in any danger I can get out and come back on my terms.

I am really excited to try the charge speed buff and see how it improves my ability to fight someone from charge level 1. At the moment if they are directly engaging me I am often better off using orbs unless my beam is level 2+

I’ll quote it again, shall I?

What a petty argument anyway.


Don’t act like that was what you meant with ‘also’, because it doesn’t work like that in that sentence, bud, because then you’re trying to say that both your personal experience and the experience of others BOTH take a majority share. Which, surprise, they can’t.

That’s not what you meant with ‘also’. You omitted your personal experiences.

Okay, perhaps it was a bad choice of words? (Like, what else would I mean by putting ‘also’ in that sentence?)

Doesn’t change the fact that this argument is really petty and you have no way of proving any of your side to it.

If you want to continue this discussion on whether or not I previously stated that my personal experiences shape my opinion, then I won’t reply any further. Good day, see you if you want to actually discuss Symmetra. :slight_smile:

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toxicity? wouldn’t you also be pissed if the devs kept ignoring you and your main? they couldn’t even be bothered to check sym’s damage values, and left them incorrect for eight months until yesterday. eight months. of course the forum is gonna be filled with us voicing our dissapointment


Nerfed? If it is about bug fix - well that’s fair
If about armor:

It kinda is, but i don’t think only that will make her viable

don’t worry mate, devs know better than you do :wink:

You got a buff, stop complaining and go test it out.

It’s funny how ignorant people can be on here thinking the devs have no idea what they are doing. as if it’s so simple, a forum commenter can do better.
Most of the time when we want heroes buffed, it’s in a bubble with no regard to the chain effects of other heroes.

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I agree with all, thats all the help that actually Symmetra needs!

im going to say this and hopefully it makes people stop and think for a sec about some of the things being said

The symmetra crowd is dangerously close to becoming the forum mercy crowd…i don’t think you want that stigma

She just got a undeniable buff…days after a minuscule situational nerf…be thankful for the victories you achieve and stop making everything that happens an example of how you are you are being ignored

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I disagree. I find 1v1’s with her to be fun and not too difficult, and a won fight leads to the ability to melt other people.

Literally this. She just got a pretty nice buff, why can’t we just be thankful that they’re actually making moves to make it better to begin with? Nobody said this is the end of her buffs, yet people are already screeching at it.

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Like, sure? The difference is that Symm is actually bad and Mercy’s fine. Their complaints are not unprompted.

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Symmetra’s primary is best charged off of barriers. Guess what the heroes with barriers pretty much all have?

It sure was the problem I heard complained about a lot.

Pretty much along the lines of, “Doesn’t matter it does X damage because I’ll never be able to get it there with how long it takes.”

Here’s the thing I feel about just “Hey, here’s +50 shield hp.” It’s just going to reinforce people playing Sym the way she currently does. It’s not going to make people magically go, “Alright, now I have the HP to be close to the fight.” Nope, it’ll do that at first with excitement, then they’ll just realize the old playstyle is way safer and do that instead.

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Lack of range?

Best…not “only”…nor are tanks the only things she should be targeting…or useful against…

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ngl you sound like those ppl who say genji is braindead and have 15% accuracy on him and an under 1 k:d on him
off topic question btw, at what settings do u play? i mean dpi and sens mostly.
i cant help but feel unstability while i play but i also feel “free” while i move, turn around etc but if i lower my sens i feel like im glued and react much slower to stuff

Armour. Meaning Sym is now doing worse against most tanks themselves, but is also doing better against their barriers.

They’re the best way to charge your beam. They’re large targets, who pretty much all have barriers.