You're all missing the most important support buff


Finally, maybe we will stop hearing Moira yell “I need to recharge” every 5 seconds.


I mean I run out of charge every now and then… but if someone is doing so every 5 seconds they are not dps-moiraing enough


I’ll be honest, as a Moira main I’ve seldom had any issue managing resources but only because I flex the support needed on the team comp. Playing with lone wolf teams… she’s less than ideal.


OMG Moira why are you dps’ing?! ******* HEAL MEEEEEE EIOWHGWEIMNW

It’s hard being a Moira :man_shrugging:


The Moiras in your team actually heal you?


I think that is a mistake. I agree with the buff but they should have taken something away from her as well (less damage or having reload etc). Moira is already on the edge of being OP.



Sometimes I am also the Moira who heals.

It gets old having to forcefully DPS to even out the healing, so this change is extremely welcome.


Already nerfed healing thru barriers though


It’s because they are expecting teams to engage each other from further and further away.

This is an agenda they’ve been pushing for some time now, for lord only knows what reason.



“bug fix” I think you mean :roll_eyes:


I don’t main her but I play her often- and this is definitely my thoughts as well.

I feel managaing her resources was a huge part of her “balance” and what helped keep her in line. I basically never ran out of healing juice and never felt like I “needed more” to do my job (in a fashion I felt was fair. I feel doing more healing than I was often would probably be too much if anything)

Not a fan of this change.

But I’m a pleb sooo.


I am not sure if that is enough but it is a good point.


I know a lot of people like Mercy as a solo healer, and for the most part I do too, but sometimes I get more value out of Moira’s ridiculous output (I can cropdust my nearby allies and throw orbs at farby allies) and if I am solo healing and the enemy team is too far away or hiding behind a shield, I will run out of heal juice pretty quickly. Otherwise I don’t have a problem with her resource management. That being said… this is a welcome buff in my eyes.


IDK why they’d let such a huge bug out of PTR unless it wasn’t actually intended to be a bug.

Either way it doesn’t matter, it nerf’s moira’s abilities.


If you hear this a lot it means your moira is dont know resource management.


I never had trouble with it until my team literally ignored the concept of grouping up. Which fortunately I seldom had to deal with.


Yup. A lot of Moira’s spraaaaay that healing like a teenage boy putting on deodorant before a date.


Give this person a medal


As someone who plays Moira a lot, I’m of the opinion that if you are hearing “I need to recharge” frequently, then you’re spamming Mist too much and not DPSing enough.

Moira’s Mist should be used for two or three seconds and then dropped. If healing is still needed, you launch a healing orb. If everyone around you is over 50%, you launch a DPS orb to get charge that way. Why? Because Moira’s Mist has a Heal-over-time trait to it during and after Mist ends. Heal your allies to 50% and drop a healing orb on them to take care of the rest.

It only takes one damage orb to give Moira a good charge. Even a few seconds with her siphon can put you back in a place to do some more healing.

Bottom line is that if you hear Moira say she needs to recharge a lot, it’s because you’re holding down the button too long and not using any of Moira’s other abilities.