🤔 You're actually destroying your game

Last week was great because Mei was banned. You know why it was great? Because no one likes her.

This week 2 main heals and Rein are banned. Nobody likes that.
Reaper is banned… but who is currently playing reaper? Affects nobody.

Hero bans were a pointless addition to the game. Stop trying to micro-manage every little thing your playerbase does. 3 of the best heroes in the game banned for a week and we’re stuck with the same crappy map pool all season. Stop trying to destroy your own game.

The game feels like crap to play right now.


1 tricks love hero bans until the heroes they like get struck.


It’s a system in testing. If it actually doesn’t work out, it’ll get removed at the start of the next season.
Also, the bans aren’t entirely randomised. A character has to pass a certain pick rate threshold for them to be banned. In other words, enough people were playing Reaper often enough that he got caught out in this week’s selection.


No where was that specified, infact in jeffs video he said we will see wild things nobody expects in the coming months of ow.

But regardless i agree with op and hate hero bans.


I usually play Moira, and I figured whenever she got banned I would just use that week to work on other supports. But now they’ve banned Ana too, so I cant play her and I cant rely on a teammate to play her. And now if I’m out of my comfort zone, and my teammate is out of their comfort zone, that just means bad heals for everyone.

People wanna talk bad about “mains”, but it makes a lot more sense to have a main when your pool only has 7 heroes and half of them are primary healers, and half are off-healers. Even if I was equally good at all of those, I’d likely still have one or two that I would enjoy playing the most.


I’m assuming you were replying to me.
In which case, that has literally been specified in the dev post “Welcome to Season 21”

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Ok thanks, funny how his video and post says the opposite of what they posted on here lol.

Typical blizz standards

Not to mention lets add experimental feature then not test this there, instead f with everyones comp experience, and drive away more players.

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Yeah, Blizzard are well known for their inconsistencies tbf.


Ah well is what it is, thanks for the link. Im done venting for the night.

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Hero Bans, Map Pools, and i might even say 222 have made OW a LOT less fun.

I would love to know how many players they had a few seasons ago vs. now.


+1. I hate the bans.


everyone bronze-gold,
especially last week with no mei
mei and reaper are tank killers so is common to see one or the other.


That’s only for OWL. The actual competitive mode hero bans is totally manual and man made. Sure they may have their reason, but it’s completely artificial.

I really like that Rein is banned. I’ll like it even more when the idiot instalock Zaryas realise they picked a bad hero for this week and change. Although it might take a while, one of them yesterday wanted me to swap Orisa to Roadhog because he “wasn’t getting any charge off of me”. I replied that I think the rest of the team probably want a shield to stand behind.


Really? I thought it was random but curated afterwards.
I wonder what they’re thinking with the double healer ban then…

Well… I don’t know as well. Maybe what everyone is saying is true? That they want to “force” a low healing meta, like dive?

I’m an Ana player myself, and while I dislike having my main healer of choice banned, I gladly accept the change of pace of the game as a result of it. Mercy is pretty fun as well. It’s only two weeks after all, unlike ahem, map pools.

Idk how to feel about these bans I dont like Hero pools and I dont want to have to deal with this for an entire season for it to be removed.

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Thing is, when they ban Reinhardt, you would expect that they ban Reaper as well because Reaper would be definitely meta then. I play Reaper and I pick him in maps where he can ambush and dive. I don’t think I am minority or anything, I just think with my head about my dps picks.

I love that Reinhardt is banned because (hopefully) it should make people realize how to play this game properly. You know, to get rid of that vomit of mind set where people go “hide behind Rein and all is good ^^” and they literally do that and as soon as shield is down, they get erased.

I don’t have my hopes high about that. However, hero bans definitely spice up things. When they said “shake up meta”, I didn’t know it would be like this and this is what I hoped it to be, lol.

I like her.

Don’t presume to speak for everyone. You cannot. You can only speak for yourself.


I love the hero bans - they are so much and fun and can show the devs where certain heroes are lacking :smiley: