Your Rendering Device is lost

Can someone help me?

There’s literally a pinned thread for it:

Hi, I have tried these changes, turning off overclocking, updating all drivers, check all cables yet Overwatch crashes every game. It’s unplayable now. It was 1 crash every 20 when it came out but now it’s hopeless. My last three comp games as ended in be getting penalised for DC. When will this be fixed? I do not understand why it’s taking so long if it’s so easy to reproduce. If there are other threads with other ideas to fix it where are they

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I’m having the same problem here. I tried to follow everything that Blizzard suggested such as turning off the background programs, updating latest drivers, etc. I also reset my computer and reinstalled the game. If I play other games instead of Overwatch, they run normally, but only this game appears this problem while I’m playing. Thanks to this my points on competitive just decreased…