Your rendering device has been lost

My game has been working fine ever since one of the nvidia graphics updates and this game is the only game that crashes. I’ve tried factory resetting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, repairing the game, and researching pages and pages of forums and youtube videos for fixes of why my game keeps crashing, and at this point I’m convinced I’m destined to not play Overwatch.

Oh no, let’s not jump to that conclusion. Have you checked for overheating?

I have as my cpu stays usually within 40-50c and my graphics card 50-70c average

Have you checked the Windows Reliability History or Event Viewer to see what is happening around the time of the GPU crashes? Looked at errors in the DxDiag to see if another app has caused a conflict?

How exactly do I do that?

If the nVidia driver is truly the issue, just install an older version from nVidia’s website.

As for the other stuff:

Windows Reliability History can be opened from the Start menu, as can the Event Viewer.

DxDiag instructions are pinned at the top of this forum. I recommend checking through those pins if you haven’t already, but try the older driver first.

Tried playing till it crashed, and it didn’t display anything of why it crashed. I also tried uninstalling, and reinstalling the old drivers in the past, and it still crashes, at this point I just wanna give up

Have you tried working with the Blizzard tech support via the ticket system?

No I haven’t, where is the ticket system?

Hey Core,

You can use the “Contact Us” button on this page to submit that ticket for these crashes.

I checked out the logs we can see on our end and it looks like most of them are indicating a “device removed” error code, which is a sub-error for the “rendeing device lost” crashes. Device removed could indicate more of a hardware problem or a power supply issue, so I did just want you to be aware of that possibility just in case it comes down to that in the end. We can definitely take a look at your system files more in depth via the ticket though to see if there’s anything else to suggest trying.