Your rendering device has been lost

So after loops with the Blizzard “support” can someone tell me how to fix the KNOWN ISSUE of the 2080 crashing (Your rendering device has been lost.) I’ve been told the issue is being looked into yet 3 months later (and 600 Points in ranked) the issue still isn’t solved so a date would be nice to know when ya plan to fix it, or someone can tell me how to fix it please

It would be best to post on primary thread to keep everything linear.

The direct fix, if it is caused by the known RTX issue is to rename the Overwatch file and launch directly from the executable file. The steps are available here. We’ve seen some reports that deleting the Overwatch file in Nvidia Inspector seems to work, but this is a hit or a miss, nor something we can provide instructions on.

If the rename resolves the Rendering Lost error, the problem is related to the driver profile issues we’ve been in trying to reproduce and work with Nvidia. Any further updates on this issue will be posted on the primary thread.

Keep in mind, the Rendering Device Lost can be caused by other reasons other as it’s relevant to the Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) to help recover the graphics once it freezes, there is more information here about TDRs and Rendering Device Lost.