Your rendering device has been lost

Yeah, it’s kind of random for me as well. The only consistent part is it happens when a match ends.

Also I forgot to mention, but I have a GTX 970m.

Was able to dig up some info on our end and we’re seeing the GPU get up to around 90-95 C in some cases when the rendering device lost error occurs.

I’d like to get some more information on the temperatures on the computer. Let’s go ahead and run HWMonitor while you play. Keep this up until the issue occurs. Once it does, take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to an image sharing site like imgur to post here.

I suggest providing the same info.

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Well I was watching my GPU temperatures, actually. It was at 71 degrees when it had crashed. I was talking to my friend about the GPU temps when it had happened. He didn’t know if it was CPU or GPU

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What you see in-game is only going to be the GPU. We’ll want to run HWMonitor so we can check both the GPU and the CPU.

Okay, I Just got the rendering device lost crash mid game. None of my temperatures on either the CPU or GPU were pushing more than 60 degrees. This is remarkably aggravating. I cannot think what else is causing this.

https colon slash slash i.imgur dot com/bCTuwEJ.png
The far left temps are the current temp at the time of the crash. I snapped this screenshot the moment it happened. For some reason it won’t let me put an image or a link in my post. Which is cool. Thanks gang.

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The temperatures on the right are the ones you’re concerned about, not the ones on the left. The CPU appears to have been getting up toward 90 degrees Celsius at some point either before or during this crash. (No matter how fast you swap, HWmonitor tests very quickly. You won’t catch it at peak temps, that’s why the max column is there.)

While this isn’t the absolute maximum your CPU can handle, it’s high enough to be concerned about an overheating problem, especially if anything on your PC is overclocked. Your cooling solution should usually be holding your CPU in the mid to high 70s tops, even on a laptop. Spikes even that high should be rare unless you’re stress testing.

The fact that you’re getting this hot tells us something’s malfunctioning there or you’re just not getting enough airflow. I’d take a gentle vacuum to your laptop vents (don’t use canned air on a laptop, it can make things worst). If you still have problems, grab a laptop cooling pad and that should improve airflow. As an ex-laptop gamer, a $20 laptop cooler was the best purchase I ever made for that machine.

If neither works, your CPU fan is probably not correctly connected to your CPU. This could be a bad/failing thermal paste layer, or the fan itself may have some malfunction. Contact your laptop manufacturer or a PC tech to get it checked out.

I’d assume this will fix you up, but if not, just get us some new screenshots post-crash after the heat issue is handled. For this one, we’ll need all the data in the test. We can use that to look into more options.

Sir/madame, I have figured out that it has been caused because of the latest version of Windows 10 v. 1803. Take that into effect when saying that, it’s not only my temperatures. Sure, I opened it up and my CPU fan was covered in dust, I blew it all out, now it’s all gone. It hasn’t happened that much lately. It may be a Windows 10 bug, because when Overwatch gives me that error, a few minutes later my entire PC will completely freeze and I have to push the reset switch.


Okay so I have gotten the temperatures after this error has happened on me twice. The first time I didn’t have it open, but I have gotten the second one. here’s the temps: imgur{dot}com{forwardslash}a{forwardslash}SIynjsU

I have gotten this error, My drivers are the latest when it happens, my GPU temps are around 40°C as my entire system is water cooled and doesn’t matter if there is an overclock on the GPU.

I have the same problem, i have a brand new laptop, with the newest drivers, i have played on a desk with an additional cooler. Sometimes i can play for hours and sometimes i can only play for 5 minutes just after i started my laptop. What is the deal here?

Only time I’ve seen this message was when I overclocked my GPU and pushed it too far… (It either overheated or it ran out of juice resulting in “Rendering device has been lost”)

I’d check Windows power management settings and AMD/Nvidia control panel power profiles.
Also, regarding laptops… You might have one of those setups where the laptop switches between the CPU integrated GPU and the actual GPU depending on the load… Think it’s in Nvidia control panel (assuming you have a Nvidia card) where you can set the default GPU… Which obviously should be the Nvidia card instead of the integrated chip.


Your temps are way more reasonable, I’m not worried about the ones here. That said, the fact that it happened with the Spring Creator’s Update and that you’re using an NVidia card makes me think of something.

There was a bugged driver released right around the time of that update. Nvidia fixed it quickly, but I think it was bundled with the windows update. Can you use display driver uninstaller to fully uninstall it, then reinstall the most updated version?

  1. Download, but do not install the most recent driver for your graphics card from
  2. Download Display Driver Uninstaller from (Click “Official Download Here” near the bottom of Wagnard’s first post. It will automatically download)
  3. Run the Display Driver Uninstaller file you downloaded and “extract” it to desktop
  4. On your desktop, click “Display Driver Uninstaller” and run it. Do not run in safe mode.
  5. Click “Clean and Restart”
  6. After restart, install the driver that we downloaded above in step 1. *
  • Note - Use the “Custom Installation” option when reinstalling this driver. Do not install the Nvidia Geforce Experience or 3d Vision drivers. This is to rule out shadowplay/3dvision drivers. If this works, you can later install these and test if the problem comes back.
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Alright, let me try that. I’ll keep you updated.

That appeared to have worked. I have played about 10 games and no crashing whatsoever. Thank you so much, I hope this helps other people with this issue. I also hope they fix the bugs to begin with. :joy:

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This just happened to me during a comp placement match. Gave me a loss even though I immediately rejoined and won the match.

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Soooooo… not actually fixed huh? I guess I’ll play maybe next update… i love spending money on a game that works at first and then gets updated literally to death.


We’ve helped two people resolve their problems in this thread. If you’d like to post your own thread on the problem you’re having, either one of the Blues (CS Tech Agents) or another member of the forum may be able to help you solve the problem. Keep in mind that the Rendering Device Lost error is caused by a Windows level issue. The game itself can’t cause this problem on its own so your best bet is troubleshooting if you want the problem to stop.

Yeah, the problem was fixed by the original person who made this thread, and myself. My reasoning was because of Windows, and he sent good instructions on how to fix it.

Your computer is likely overheating. I upgraded my cooling system and the problem disappeared. Underclocking your gpu or turning up the fan speed will likely help as well.

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