"Your rendering device has been lost" w/ RTX GPU


Every 3-4 comp games in Overwatch, I get this message:

Your rendering device has been lost
Here's the thing I can't wrap my head around: While event viewer says that my GPU was indeed lost, EVERYTHING else is fine. Normally when your GPU crashes, your entire screen goes black for a moment, and then you have to restart all of your DX or OpenGL based programs. However, this is not the case with this (all programs are fine, screen does not go black). When Overwatch crashes, none of those things are happening, which leads me to believe Overwatch is triggering a false positive of some sort.

Things I have tried:

I’ve lost ~500 SR collectively due to leaving (most of the time it happens during the first minute of the match, so no option to rejoin) and I’ve exhausted my options, so it’s starting to get a little bit silly. I’m currently using an RTX 2070 with an i7-7700K. This issue is only happening in Overwatch. There are other games which I’ve tried, many of them which use MORE GPU power, but none of them seem to crash.

This sounds a little pompous, but someone at Blizzard NEEDS to be on this; tons of other people on this board are having these issues, and it appears that it’s not getting any time soon.


This issue made me basically get a new PC. I have all new components besides my RAM and I also did a clean install of Windows 10. This is a Blizzard issue. More and more people are encountering this issue and it’s clearly something on their end. I basically have to stop playing their game because of it and they are going to lose players if they don’t fix this soon.


I have the same cpu but a RTX 2080ti. The card has no issues with any other games. Never had this issue when I was using the same cpu and a GTX 1080.


Try to pass hero selection in windowed mode, works for me as it crashes only in fullscreen during hero pick phase.


I have a brand new system, having same issue with my rtx EVGA 2070 black gaming. I’ve tried testing all hardware, swapped gpus, reinstalled Windows clean.


Same here, everything was fine before RTX GPU.


I have the same problem and I’m still suffering from that.

My laptop is MSI GS63VR with GTX 1060. I have done every official instruction, which I could found, for example:

My card is not overclocked and other points I also checked, but problem is still appearing from time to time. I have to play only Quick games because of that, but even by playing only Quick ones, not competitive, I’m still suffering because I’m losing my Reputation, therefore I’m receiving less Containers every week. I know it is not so bad, but still from user perspective it is just strange - I have done everything I could from my side and the problem is still there.

Moreover, I’m playing other games, which are more both CPU and GPU demanding (VR ones especially), and there were no problems with them, so I believe that it is something Overwatch special.

Blizzard, could you please at least not punish us when you see that player left because of such problem (you probably can track that one to see, that it was not user’s will to leave the game, but crash), which he/she cannot control?
We have no choice - tried everything we could, problem still remains.


i have the same problem , got a new pc core i9-9900k with RTX2080,
every game plays fantastic exept for overwatch cant even play 1 game, its sad cuz i paid for a game i cant play on a pc that is pretty good, i tried everything! deleting my graphics driver fresh instal of windows. and al the other tips from the internet but nothing works.


Hey everyone, this thread should be tech support, but this might help: "Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX



As you can see in my post I mentioned the one you have linked. It doesn’t work, so please come up with some centralized solution from the game itself since it’s most likely not end users fault.

I had like 8 crushes this week. Every day = 1-3 crashes. That is annoying…


@Bliz This is a known issue and it has been for a good bit of time. To add to it to lose endorsement and rank because of a bug makes players want to stop playing.

I literally (today) swapped from a 1050 to an RTX 2060 and IMMEDIATELY had the bug in my 3rd game. Its pretty simple for me…switch to a different game from a competitor until the issue is resolved.

This as much as balancing, as much as anything else is critical to fix. This should have been resolved.

Before someone pops off:
Drivers updated today (considering new card and all)
Game installed repeatedly
Repair twice

3200mhz DDR4
RTX 2060
WD blue M.2 1TB

(all components purchased within last 6 months)


Blizzard has known about this issue for quite some time. However, it is up to NVidia to fix it because the issue lies with them.

In the mean time try the renaming method as mentioned in the rendering device lost thread over on the technical support forum.