Your opinion about Doomfist


I think he’s a carry, I think blizzard is making the right call, and I think that they need to do the same with Tracer, Widowmaker, and Hanzo.


He is probably a lot of fun for his players. I couldn’t imagine not having fun when my kills stand practically helpless for me to pump in some juicy shotgun rounds into them (which explains why I also hate Roadhog). What could be more thrilling than the ability to rob someone’s sanity simply by pressing E somewhere in the correct map as another enemy, then torture him slowly in the air as you feel him scream at the monitor and smash his keyboard?

As for the players on the receiving end? Boy, you will probably think your keyboard is broken. Once you hear that angry grunt coming from somewhere behind you, I suggest just to go ahead and grab a coffee or a soda. You will need the caffiene (and perhaps even some more powerful drugs) to bear through the rest of this game.


I hate him from the first day, when he was f tier, and every time i see him in front of me.


Pretty much this.

I was one of the people who dismissed the posts saying “he just needs his bugs fixed, no buffs needed” - I think they turned out to be right.

Right now our opinion doesn’t matter though, because he is getting fairly significant changes which will take time for DF players to adjust to, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Overall I like the idea behind the character. His animations and feel are great.


That can be the issue…we do not like dive we brign briggitee, we bring brigitte we need doomfist…etc etc etc. Every meta is replaced by one worst than the last one, so instead of focusing on making characters viable, which is hard…we buff or nerf or release to switch the meta to another one…

Is like…to get rid of a plague of bunnies we release snakes, then we release crocodiles…then…I dont think thats the good idea on making or releasing a character, in all honesty.

Personally I think Doomfist idea in paper can be awesome, in his kit and in this game is not welcomed. His flawled design leads to be nerfed and be useless or buffed to be oppresive and overturned. His cc abilities can fit well in a MOBA but a fps with moba elements …is too much.

I would not say he should be nerfed to the ground, but still wait for him to be reworked into a tank…and redo his kit entirely to be an anchor tank…that we need more than another dive alike dps.


Ah. my apologies. I think I am thinking of just his punch hitbox then. I remember it took until March to finally fix it.

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I played him when he was at his weakest. Managed to find out ways to use him to hit a career high of around 3700SR.
Not played him much since he has been fixed and buffed, but I play a lot against and with him on my teams.

I personally think he is fine as is. He is however incredibly cheesy, but cheesy doesn’t equate to being overpowered. Statistically he is fine, average even.

But I do see why you would change him to be less cheesy. But not enough of a buff to his other aspects has been given to make up for the fact they are nerfing him pretty damn hard. He will be a troll pick where once he was just under-powered and inconsistent.


Ive been pretty vocal about my indifference to the ult change.

Mostly because it was garbage for offense in the first place already on nearly everyone.

Now it is garbage on everyone.

I wont use it any different

Ill use it as an enabler for the rest of my kit. Play aggressive with all of my core abilities, instead of reserving half of it for escape.

I feel meteor needs some rework. Always have. Using it as an escape was literally a “well. We found something good about it!” (And even when this is basically whst his ult for doomfist haters complain lol. LITERALLY what his ult boils to- an escape. And thats too much. Anyways)

But if were not- ya. Buffing the edge damage would be a great start.

Minimum damage at 50 would be nice. Not 15. Even rip tire is 60 minimum. Sure it can be shot down. But it also does 600 damage ar its epicenter before fall off, and doesnt transport junkrat to the people he’s attacking.

Maybe shrink the total range or something. But the fact that an ultimate can do half the damage of a melee… yea. Garbage for offense.


Doomfist is balanced. His PTR changes will make him a complete F-tier pick, most likely. Slam might as well be removed at this point, because it’s useless.


But Widowmaker has clear weaknesses… Hanzo doesn’t.


I don’t like the fact that if the enemy team has a Doomfist, you have to swap to at least one of his counters and focus him. His shield buff is just painful to play against as the amount of times i’ve been dove on him as a support and i’ve been close to taking him out only to watch as shield kicks in and he finishes me off is just painful.

He’s just not fun to play against in any kind of way. Even having one on the team can be frustrating. I like the idea of a brawl character but he has so much mobility an relies so much on his abilities.


He should be left exactly as he is on the live version of the game right now. He’s easily countered by anyone bothering to pay attention while still maintaining strength in his kit not to be worthless in a fight like when he was horrendously riddled with bugs (now he’s only moderately unpleasantly riddled with bugs).


His stats and data showed the other way around, that he was overperforming. Cant say if the ptr patches are good or no, but that he was balanced…sounds like it was not so true.
A winratio of 56.76 in grandmasters 55% in masters 53% in platinum etc…maybe can be too much?.


2900 DF main (since Comp season 7)

The ult nerf is low impact - it wasn’t a reliable kill ult to begin with.

The Uppercut nerf will make environmentals much harder now that the target can airstrafe shortly after. Since DF displaces them vertically rather than horizontally, it’s easier to recover from.

The SS changes are huge. Sometimes the target will now escape before you can Uppercut them even after a successful SS, pre-nerf this wasn’t possible. The distance change also negates a lot of his horizontal movement across structures and spaces. Basically SS used to be an extremely valuable ability, now it isn’t.


Dying to widowmaker is “unfun”, and therefore she deserves to be nerfed into the F-tier just like my main was.

But, seriously, she’s a carry. If we can’t have hard counters, we shouldn’t have carries.


Zarya is picked more than twice as often and wins 1 less game out of 100 than doomfist.

Is she over performing?


You havent met a good Orisa then.
You know the one who don’t stand on one place, can actually manage her abilities right and land about 30 shots in your head without a single miss.



Thats why I ended up with an interrrogation. We all know that under a meta some characters are overperforming, we know that works pretty well, that zayrah as well and others.
Doomfist?..yes he statistically is overperforming. thats the data, if you tell me there are others equal or close, then you have it.

Other thing is that if you tell me his cc is fun or not, the impact on the game and what pros and advisors have told blizzard to do…thats different. The data is the data and is for everyone. Not a hate about doomfist.


If you’re talking about Overbuff, he’s not ever at the top of the pack. He is a middle tier pick at best, at the highest tiers. His winrate is a little high, but his pickrate is pretty poor in correlation. Widowmaker actually has a higher winrate than he does at GM, as well as a higher pickrate. Should we call for Widow nerfs now? Judging by pure stats, she certainly needs one.


His pickrate and winrate has decreased a lot across all ranks if u check “This Week” on Overbuff. The highest pickrate Doomfist ever had in GM was 5.38% and started decreasing, now it’s this week 3.60%. His highest winrate in GM was 62.16% in October now it’s 56.08% this week.

It used to be like this in Doomfist stats, the higher Doomfist pickrate is, the lower his winrate (5.38% pickrate 55.47% winrate). The lower his pickrate, the higher his winrate (4.08% pickrate 62.12% winrate). Now Doomfist pickrate is low and his winrate has decreased for some reason, maybe some people have finally figured out how to deal with Doomfist.

Is he overperforming? Probably not.