"Your most dangerous enemies have loudest weapons and footsteps"







loud sniper shot

Quite sure I haven’t heard Widow’s footsteps unless I was playing her.


I like how the assassin-like hacker who focuses on stealth yells out “HERE I AM!” completely countering her own element of surprise


It’s valled ambient sound, where the closer you are, the louder the noise is.

If a loud enemy is 50m away from you, you will not be able to hear them unless they are screaming from the top of their lungs.


There is a megathread in the bug forums about missing or low volume audio cues that’s been running for months now with lots of input and videos, if you have experienced things like no enemy footsteps, healthpack sfx, ult callous, voice lines, etc. share your experience in the thread, it helps to highlight this game-breaking issue to the devs as an ongoing problem:


Come out of invis a few meters back from the enimie. You will be a lot more dangerous then.


Reaper, you forgot to take off your wooden clogs again!!!


I don’t disagree with you, but there are a ton of sound queues for tracer with her blink, widow has that high heel clicking sound if you’re around the corner, Hanzo grunts when he jumps but if I recall he has a strange rustling leaves sound when he runs, but a hanzo up close isn’t as bad as a hanzo at medium distance.

They’re all kinda obvious (when they work correctly) when you flank as a sombra or make no noise and can hear individual enemies in the backline alone. You can hear them moving n such.


You probably already know this, but the volume is relative to their normal sounds. Some characters do have relatively quiet feet (e.g., Tracer, Genji, Hanzo) and others have extremely loud heels (Widowmaker, Mercy, Symmetra), but you’ll hear their sounds much more loudly if they’re the closest enemy at the time.

The quiet ones you listed also have audio cues on their movement abilities. Blink has a zip sound, Lunge and Cyber Agility have vocal grunts.

Only a few are actually silent (Zenyatta and Brigitte), with Brigitte being especially nasty as a stealth assassin… but hopefully her damage nerf will help mitigate that. Zenyatta makes noise if he charges up a right-click, so he can’t really be that dangerous while silent.

By the way, you can hear Hanzo firing arrows at full volume from any distance if he’s firing in your general direction, so I think it’s safe to say the game considers him a threat wherever he is.


as long as hanzo can oneshot you from any distance - any distance is horrible


Reaper is easily one of the worst heroes in the game and is extremely loud


It’s why I like Mei. I can literally tail a person a few M away and they never know it.


Your never going to hear widow’s footsteps only the gunshot


Same for the rat Jamison Fawwkes
Thought authorities would have captured that pest by now!


Hog is pretty loud imo


Despite being a “stealth” hero, Sombra is obnoxiously loud.

You can hear her gun a mile away, and she announces to the whole world “BEEN HERE ALL ALONG”


I’ve had those issues too. Even ambient sounds would stop on King’s Row, when standing in the hall/sniper perch over the first point.

When I first played this game, I was amazed how you could play it almost by sound alone. Now, it’s been a wreck for months. Just another thing to throw into the pile of this game slipping from greatness I guess.


tell that to the enemy Zenyatta


Always found it weird how it sounds like Mercy is walking around in stiletto heels as if she’s gonna assassinate you meanwhile the heroes who are probably gonna kill you are quieter or less noticeable lmfao.