Your impact is too small. OW too team reliant

Subjective. From what I see, if a game is advertised and has consistently been a team-based shooter taking that away or reducing the impact of teammates working together is arguably going to make the game worse.

And I’m saying that everyone including me and most likely the devs do not care. You said Valorant is your solution. Why don’t you practice what you preach and just play it? :neutral_face:

Not true. I’m a fortune teller. I can see the future with my third eye. The game will become better with less team work.

I see overwatch becoming less team reliant in the future as a good thing - Jeff kaplan

If you’re a fortune teller I’m a time traveller. Suffice it to say I’m not buying it.

[Citation Required]

I knew you’d say this

Uhhh, this is from jeffs 1-3-2 post, when 1-3-2 was live in experiment mode. Jeff said some other devs commented that 1-3-2 made the game less team reliant. And Jeff said it was a good thing.

Bah, you’re full of bull and aren’t even trying to hide it.

I suppose Jeff also said that Hanzo is the one true hero, and if you play anything else you’re throwing the game :stuck_out_tongue: . Come on guy, I challenge you to cite that quote and prove you’re not full of bull. Come on guy, prove me wrong :stuck_out_tongue: .

Nothing popped up on the forums or in Jeff’s forum replies.


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Maybe try linking it this time?

He’s literally waffling at this point.

I mean TF2 literally has “team” in the name yet it’s still less team reliant than OW.


Yup, it’s from this thread right here

I guess what I am saying is, that in 2020, feeling like you can deviate from teamplay a little bit in OW and have some success feels like a good thing, not a bad thing to me. - Jeff kaplan

Are you two mad now? Lol

I don’t play TF2. :man_shrugging:t5: Besides, it doesn’t really matter because Overwatch was advertised and is still a very team-based game.

COD is advertised as a team game lol.

Did you even read what I wrote?

I’m actually going to laugh. Jeff trying to advertise 3-2-1 by saying that it’s fine to be ”a little bit” less team based is interpreted as:

Unless you’re original quote is quoting something else in that long post. In which case, try linking that.

Ok? Not my point. It was advertised the same way, yet has room for individual impact alongside team impact. In OW a guy throwing in quickplay will cost the match.

What I quoted literally means the exact same thing he said

Jeff said overwatch becoming less team reliant in the future is a good thing.

Except I just said that Overwatch has been consistent with its message. It’s portrayed as a team based game and literally is a team based game.

Sounds like delusion to me. That or you’re just really bad at paraphrasing.

A team based game can mean 100% team reliant, or 2% team reliant. Your argument just isn’t good lol.

You don’t even believe in fortune telling or the third eye, and you call my posts delusional? Hah, stay mad

Overwatch becoming less team reliant in the future is a good thing - Jeff Kaplan

Who uses percentages to decide how teambased their game is going to be? That’s absurd and an even worse argument.

Team games vary in their degrees of team reliance. Overwatch can be advertised as a team game, while still giving the individual some power. What’s the problem lol.

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I’m not repeating myself. Bye troll… I just noticed this but you’ve been spamming to same fake quote a couple of times now. Reported for spam.