Your impact is too small. OW too team reliant

No, he didn’t. He never said anything to the effect of wanting Overwatch to be less team reliant.

This is what happens when when you’ve misquoted someone, didn’t read what they had to say about the topic, and confuse what you want with what you think they said.

Nope. Jeff literally said, overwatch becoming less team reliant in the future is a good thing lol.


Are you really doing this “Na-uh” thing?

I actually read the whole post, said nothing of the sort.

Guy ANYONE can look up, read the post, and see that you’re full of bull. If you’re going to troll atleast be entertaining.

I see overwatch becoming less team reliant in the future as a good thing- Jeff kaplan

Jeff never said that - Springrocker

Please seek help lol


Let’s see, there was:

And then there was:

Nothing about being less team reliant.

Feel free to stop your misquoting bull**** posts.

Please everyone read this carefully, and tell me this guy doesn’t need to see a therapist hahaha.


Damn, dude! When’d I get on the Valorant forums?

You’re describing what makes Overwatch so enjoyable to play, yes. If I wanted to have full solo impact I definitely wouldn’t opt for a team-vs-team game. Or if I did, I have to reevaluate my purchasing decisions.

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I’m describing what makes overwatch bad lol.

But you are talking about positive elements of Overwatch’s design, so why would it be about what makes it bad?

I’m talking about negative elements of overwatch’s design

Hrm, YMMV then. What you describe is one of the biggest positive elements of the game for me.

A positive part of overwatch for you is having no individual power, and being completely reliant on other people to climb? Interesting lol. Have you tried moving to north korea? I think you would get along pretty well over there.

Why not? It’s a team game, why would I not want the team to be the alpha and omega of its balance?

I’ll turn that question around: Why would you buy Overwatch if you want a deathmatch game for all practical purposes?

I can answer: because I want indirect kind of deathmatch. Where you play via proxy, which is your teammate.

There is interesting game called Natural Selection 2, where one player enters command station and gets RTS-like view of the map, and can give directions to other teammates/deploy buildings for them, while they play your typical FPS.

Ah, I played that for a while, extremely awesome concept. Also let’s be honest, by comparison Overwatch is an extremely individual-centric hypercarry single-player-decides-everything game. :joy:

Except for the commander. I only did that a few times, way too stressful…

Stressful to watch your teammates dying, while you are cozy and safe in your command station?

I found them similar with Overwatch: in both cases, your bad decisions fail not only yourself, but other players as well. Except in Overwatch you can never get away from it, while in NS2 you can just not be a commander.

And in NS2 smart commander can compensate for you not being great, by providing you with exo-suit, for example. Once had really great game, where we weren’t exactly tactical, but resource advantage allowed commander to give ALL of us exo suits. As result, we just charged as one armored crowd and destroyed other team.

Been playing tank recently. Even worse than DpS. Doesn’t matter what you do. Your individual ability is completely useless. You just can’t make an impact. If the enemy team is better you lose. You can’t do anything lol. It’s a roll of the dice.

Tanks and supports never were designed to compensate for bad teammate, unfortunately. I can’t just equip teammate, that happened to be poor at avoiding damage, with heavy armor to make that flaw not relevant.

I’m calling for a complete redesign though. There is seriously something wrong with OW.

Edit: I’ve never played a game in my entire life that made me feel so completely useless. Like, you really can’t do anything. There is REALLY something wrong with this game.