Your games ranking system is complete hot garbage


not enough people playing, arcade uses quickplay mmr and that masters player hasn’t played arcade or qp for a long time?

also arcade and qp favors queue time way more over skill balance than ranked does


That’s a fallacy at best.

How do you get better if you never play someone better or worse than you?

You don’t, because you are not exposed to any skill you can learn from. Even watching videos can only teach you so much, the rest you just have to learn trial by fire. There’s a reason GM’s are GM’s. And just watching a video doesn’t allow you to feel the reason why they are 2000 rank higher than you.

You can literally mathematically prove that fact with the same algorithm Blizzard uses to keep you in elo hell (that does “not” exist)


I always find it funny how many times I read about someone who thinks they don’t belong in bronze, to complain about how brain dead bronze players are. Personally I’ve encountered more brain dead players in gold, because they are the ones good enough to carry themselves out of bronze, but stubborn enough that they think they are so great they don’t need to adapt.


yeah that’s why people are stuck for 10 seasons in gold being level 800 ect. because you don’t improve from just playing the game

and i’m not speaking of elo hell, all you need to do to climb is IMPROVE, and you do that by doing vod reviews, watching pros, analyzing your deaths, training aim, etc.

not by playing ranked as you always did, then blame your team for losing and go cry on the forums about elo hell

thing is after improving and winning for a while you reach the next plateau and play against people of the same relative skill again, which then feels the same as playing before improving


While you are correct that it is roughly the same MMR, it is not always the same SR range. If your MMR is too high, you willl only match with players smurfing where you actually belong.

SImple PBSR abuse. The harder you pop off, the deeper the hole. Because you can’t control the actions of five other players, and if even one of them is a smurf and throws, you will lose. It’s as old as the ladder, it can be abused to push people down.

Matchmaking is there for a REASON. Exploiting matchmaking by concealing your true skill on the heroes you play, unbalances the entire match.

When the system thinks you should be able to carry, you get a bunch of literal bots on your team that are struggling, and if you were playing against real players in your actual rank. You would carry. But you can’t carry in gold against high plat and diamond players when your team sucks and doesn’t help you, or push objectives. DPS is DESIGNED to REQUIRE healing. Bad support players do not understand this. The level 25 Moira blasting people in the face with coalescence knows that they don’t have to win the game to climb. They just need to exploit the PBSR stat that grants the most SR for Moira. Coalescence kills.

High ranked players know how to abuse PBSR, they used the system to climb in the first place. Smurfs in gold know that good players will attempt this as well, so they solo ult you into oblivion and hard focus you of the game to deal you as many deaths as possible (so you won’t climb) as DEATHS are the single biggest factor in LOSING SR under PBSR.

This ties in to the age old FPS Stats that make a ladder. KDR. Your KDR and your accuracy stats tell the system how good you are. Good players die less, they know how to utilize the environment to mitigate damage, and how to move in an open ground duel.

The smurfs want to gaslight you on these forums, and hit you with the “you are where you belong” garbage. So they must stop you from carrying at all costs. Junkrat riptires and spawn solo shatters will make it so you can’t play the game. Hard focus makes it so you can’t good shots (you’re constantly heavily pressured, so you miss a lot more).

It’s a sick game, and it’s as old as the ladder. Valve dropped the whole bell curve system for CS because it’s just too easy to exploit. Scalene solves this issue, you can’t de-rank to do this crap.

Why do they do this? They are jealous of better players, or maybe they just don’t like you. Why did one bitter little turd affect thousands of ranked games in the process of griefing and stream sniping timthetatman? Even 20 organized hard stuck bitter aimless plats is enough to break the whole ladder in that bracket.